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Conversation with Ande Lyons, Founder of Startup Life

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5 Marketing Messaging Mistakes StartUps Need to Avoid

  1. Not knowing who your ideal customers are - when you're targeting everyone, you're targeting no one. Know who your ideal customers are to create more relevant messaging that drives more quality leads and higher conversions. 

    Creating Personas 
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  2. Ignoring data/analytics - 'Winging it' is not a strategy. As marketers and business owners we have so much data at our finger tips that it would be crazy to not leverage it. We have Google Analytics to show what's working and not working on our website but we can also see signups, email open rates, video views on YouTube, how many times a post has been seen on LinkedIn...and using that data and comparing to previous benchmarks (WoW, MoM, YoY) gives insights to help us navigate toward our business goals while using KPIs as a form of measurement.

         Monthly content calendar with tracking [


  3. Focus on you and your company vs. the customer. The customer is the marketer. It's the new way of marketing. Focus on your ideal customer and the problems they need solved. Incorporate user generated content into your strategy as social proof.


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  4. Getting stuck on the original plan and not willing to pivot. Evaluate at various benchmarks in your business to determine if you have flexibility built into your business plan while sticking with your mission and 'why'. The Coronavirus is a great example of how you may have had to pivot in your business.


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  5. Getting caught up in the competition or 'Me Too' mentality. When you focus on someone else and what they're doing, you're always a step behind. And you're not leading your 'why'. Focus on your goals and what makes you unique - YOU!

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Vicki O'Neill is a fractional CMO in Ohio who helps small businesses go from plateau to grow. The problem she solves for small business owners is visibility resulting from lack of relevant marketing and engagement with the target customer. She founded KenKay Marketing in 2011, started the marketing and sales podcast, Connect the Dots, in 2018 and launched a 2nd podcast, The Power of 3X, in 2019 with her Gen Z daughters. Connect with Vicki on social media wherever you spend the most time. And subscribe to the weekly email for more! tips, news and what's coming soon!

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