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Go From Best Kept Secret


the Stand Out Authority in Your Industry in just


30 DAYS!

while overcoming shyness and eliminating the awkwardness

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Vicki is a wealth of knowledge, and provided so many valuable examples and ideas because she's in that space every single day.

~Steve Leslie

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I had never heard of Vicki before but I was so impressed with her that I decided to enroll on the spot. After just over a week, I'm all set to make a video that will be engaging and help me grow my online business.

~Jane Rosenblum

There's no better time than right now to be on video 

The online space has evolved to the point where video is expected. 

We live in an on-demand space where people want information quickly so they can make a decision and move on.

Video is in demand: 89% of consumers want to see more videos from brands in 2024. (source: Wyzowl)

82% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. (source: Wyzowl)

Yes, you too can show up on video as your authentic self and talk confidently to 

You likely already know this.

You've been spending months or year watching YouTubers, speakers, and others in your network show up in video. 

And you're starting to hear that voice that says:

"I can do that, too!"

  • What if I shared what I do and my experiences to help someone else?

  • What if being confident and talking effortlessly was something I could do if I just got started?

  • If I kept practicing and improving each time, what if I could speak on stage, start a YouTube channel or get paid to speak at major events?

But whenever you start thinking about it, you feel overwhelmed and full of anxiety. 

You may have even jumped in with the "I can do this!" attitude but it was too confusing so you stopped.

Here's the thing: you know that being on video takes courage, time and patience. 

And, let's face it, you have other things in your business you'd rather be doing right now. 

So, improving a skill that will get you seen and heard more gets pushed to the side and left "for tomorrow". 

Meanwhile, you continue to watch all the other people do the work, get on camera, get the opportunities you know you're qualified for - and can do!

You're left stuck in the mindset of possibilities, confusion, overwhelm and frustration. 

Hi! I'm Vicki O'Neill.

Back up to 2011 real quick...

When I first decided I wanted to start making videos for my business, I had no idea what I was doing. And I had no idea how much work it would be. 

After multiple attempts of showing up on camera - that ended in awful videos and the feeling I remember was wanting to throw my computer against the wall - I finally realized something...I didn't have a game plan.

I was practicing. I was scripting, I was positioning the camera, I was setting up my background, I was paying attention to the lighting - it "seemed" like I was doing all the right things. 

That's when I realized it - I wasn't "all in" on video. And I wanted to be.

So, it was time to make it real. It was time to take action. And it was time to stop making excuses that were wreaking havoc on my mental health.

Once I made the decision to show up on camera, I haven't looked back. 

Today, I'm confident, consistently showing up, getting seen and heard more and (most importantly) getting more sales than ever before. I even had someone walk up to me and say "Are you Vicki?" because she recognized me from my videos. That's impact!

So, how did I do it? What was it that I finally figured out?

This is exactly why you're here. 

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In 2011 - I was nervous, awkward and aiming for perfection

In 2024 - I am confident, authentic and getting seen

Before and After YouTube Thumbnail 111623.png

As Featured In:


What if...

  • You had the confidence to put yourself out there and get on camera?

  • You started a YouTube channel and discovered for that big event you've only attended but secretly dreamed you'd love to be a keynote speaker?

  • You had even more clients like the ones you love working with today and your business doubled or tripled in sales?

  • You are like everyone else who starts anything new at the bottom, making terrible videos and zero following - then grow massively and confidently because TODAY was the day you said YES to yourself?

It's time for you to stop procrastinating and take action.


By the end you'll be able to: 

Start a YouTube Channel

Have you ever been watching YouTube 

and thought "I want to do that!"

At the end of the 30 days you'll feel 

ready to take action.

Attend In-Person Events 

The practices of this program is around self awareness and self discipline. 

By the end of this program, you'll have the confidence to attend and join in group conversations.

Be A Podcast Guest

Whether you want to start your own podcast or be a guest on someone else's, this program will give you the tools to be engaging. 

Juana Poareo Photo.jpeg

Vicki is an incredible video marketer! I'm not a fan of being on video but her presentation and the points she made convinced me that I need to get my butt in gear when it comes to video content creation. 

Heather Langton photo.jpeg

Vicki's helped me become much more comfortable on video and I've posted so much more since working with her. Thank you for the guidance and for helping me with my video confidence!

Gehan G Haridy-Ardanowski.PNG

As someone not brand new to video but new enough in wanting to learn and improve technique, I found Vicki's instructional style to be informative, easy to follow and fun.

~Juana Poareo

~Heather Langton

~Gehan "G" Haridy-Ardanowski

Here's What You Can Expect:


  • Uncover mental blocks so that we can work through it and put it behind you

  • Commitment and accountability that will take you and your brand to the next level

  • Start building a foundation with your personal brand and aligning your off camera presence with your on camera presence

  • Simple camera, lighting and sound setup for the best shots wherever you are

WEEK 2 >> SPEAKING SKILLS                                         

  • Start working on speaking skills that builds authority and gets attention

  • Focus on removing the um's and ah's so that you have conviction in your message

  • Incorporating voice inflections to show your natural self and keep viewers engaged longer

  • Video layout for an effective flow of communication for a cohesive message that leads the viewer to where they need to go next

WEEK 3 >> BEST PRACTICES                                  

  • Learn how to package your video from beginning to end that will grab attention and keep it until the end

  • Remove mental road blocks to keep you focused and on topic throughout the video - and what to do when you lose your train of thought

  • Effective scriptwriting using the 3 bullet points rule

  • Self check around mindset, self love and celebrating your wins

Vicki O'Neill -Photo Taken By Kemp Lyons.jpeg


  • Finding forever topics that convert and guarantee views regardless of the platform

  • Implementing the 1% rule to establish a positive mindset moving forward 

  • Publishing your video and what to do after that

  • Next steps and CELEBRATE your awesomeness!!



Valentine's Week Special $555 Good Thru  2/18/24


Client Testimonial



Personalized feedback from Vicki twice a week that's specific to you and your journey - $500 Value


Access to the Video Acceleration Vault for all you need to find high converting titles to repurposing your video content into other formats - $1,927 Value


Video Kit that includes a ring light, Bluetooth microphone and Video Planner - $350 Value

TOTAL VALUE - $2,777

The Confidence on Camera training is designed to transform you into an on-camera leader if you follow the program and take daily action.

If for whatever reason you decide you don't like it, send an email to and I'll refund your money.

It's a 100% risk free investment into your future self.


Are you ready to STAND OUT in the sea of sameness - and DOMINATE your space?

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