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Guest, Gillian Whitney

Gillian Whitney is the Video Easy Peasy LinkedIn Marketer. In this episode of Connect the Dots, we discuss the importance of video in building your brand as well as know like and trust with your target audience. Gillian also shares what triggered her to focus on LinkedIn and reveals what she 'thought' people wanted and how she pivoted to what they actually need. 




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In this week's podcast episode I asked Gillian Whitney, whom I met via LinkedIn, to join me.

Gillian and I share similar passions:  video and marketing. I knew it was going to be a great conversation and I was right!

During our conversation Gillian shares her story about getting started with video, why she decided to focus on LinkedIn only as well as the value of having video presence on your LinkedIn profile.

After Gillian focused on video for awhile she quickly decided to pivot and provide her target audience on LinkedIn with what they really needed: how to get started.

From my experiences with Gillian, she truly is an easy peasy marketer and video coach. 

Whether you choose audio via the above Podcast episode or video via the above YouTube link, we'd love to know what your favorite part of the conversation was. Connect with Gillian here:




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