International Women's Day

Women from around the world have been a guest on my podcast, Connect the Dots, and on my LIVE stream show, The Marketing Stream. I've been a guest on other female podcast or live shows as well.


In honor of International Women's Day, today is a day of recognizing and celebrating each of these phenomenal women. Listen, watch and connect with them. The Show Notes or Video Description page contains links for you to do so. Tell them you found them here!

Image by Andrew Knechel

Meet The Group of Phenomenal Women

  • kendra.jpg


    Ep. 9 The Psychology of Marketing and Sales

  • janine c.jpg

    janine coombs

    Ep 24 Small Business Marketing Strategy

  • diana.jpg

    Diana wilson

    Ep 26 Online Course Creation

  • heidi.jpg

    heidi medina

    Ep 27 Business and Mindset Coach

  • janine ca.jpg

    janine capaldi

    Ep 32 Business Coach and Co-Founder of Capaldi Mktg

  • ella.jpg

    ella orr

    Ep 33 Social Media Marketing Coach

  • jules.jpg

    jules white

    Ep. 34 Sales Coach and Author

  • kimberly.jpg

    kimberly sundt

    Ep 35 Customer Experience + Expert Marketer

  • miriam.jpg

    miriam dorsett

    Ep 36 3x StartUp Founder + Productivity Guru

  • michal.jpg

    michal eisikowitz

    Ep 37 SaaS and B2B Copywriter

  • ruthie.jpg

    ruthie bowles

    Ep 40 Content Marketing Strategist

  • judi.jpg

    judi fox

    Ep 43 Business and Sales Coach, LinkedIn Video

  • sarah.jpg

    sarah santacroce

    Ep. 49 LinkedIn Consultant and Strategist

  • anita.jpg

    anita toth

    Ep 50 Chief Churn Crusher, Customer Churn Expert

  • wendy.jpg

    wendy harris

    Ep 52 Creating Conversations that Count

  • louisa.jpg

    louisa van vessem

    Ep 56 Business Consultant

  • mandi.jpg

    mandi relyea-voss

    Ep 57 Social Media Management Expert

  • tracey.jpg

    tracey tait

    Ep 58 #StartTheChat Content Marketing

  • bethan.jpg

    bethan vincent

    Ep. 61 Marketing Director

  • megan.jpg

    megan heuer

    Ep 84 Marketing and Customer Retention

  • headshot 2012 500px (2).png

    theresa francomacaro

    Ep 91 Business Storyteller and Executive Coach

  • monique.jpg

    monique renee eckes

    LIVE STREAM Impact of COVID on Pet Photography Business

  • ai.jpg

    dr. ai addyson-zhang

    LIVE STREAM Marketing Classroom without Walls Brand

  • simone.jpg

    simone sloan

    LIVE STREAM Create Trust and Resiliency with Your Team

  • ande lyons.jpg

    Ande Lyons

    StartUp Live LIVE Stream Side Hustle to StartUp Success

  • krista.jpg

    Dr. Krista Fabrick

    Simplified Marketing LIVE Connect the Dots Mktg and Sales

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