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Video Marketing

How does video fit in with your existing marketing efforts? What's trending? Which platform should I focus on? I don't even know where to begin!


Join Louisa van Vessem, founder of The Awesome Business Club, and Vicki O'Neill founder of KenKay Marketing a DIY to D4Y video marketing academy in this lively and informative discussion about short and long form video content - and why video is critical to your business's future success. 

Next Steps

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Louisa on the Connect the Dots Podcast

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In January 2020, Louisa van Vessem joined me as a guest on Episode #56 of Connect the Dots. She shares details about WorkFlow Virtual related to consulting, mentoring and VA Services. Click the image to watch the video or listen to the episode.

What Clients Are Saying

Increased blog traffic by 511%!

"The video series Vicki and her team did for our agency increased our blog traffic 511% - and we already had good traffic!"

~ Lisa Lickert, President EMI Network

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