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If you want to:

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Create Personas for your business

Increase the quality and value of leads

Target those customers you LOVE to work with

Increase revenue and profits 

Have fun in your business

you've come to the right place!

You don't know where to begin or need help staying motivated throughout the process.

I incorporate coaching into my business because sometimes learning something new is only half of the greatness. Implementing and seeing the results is the other half!


This is an opportunity to identify, find and convert the prospects and customers you LOVE. And when you do that, you will love working and growing your business.  

I help you along the way - however it works best for you.  Do you need....

  • Help getting started - then you can take it from there?

  • Daily check-ins so you can establish a new habit?  

  • Weekly chats to talk through progress, obstacles and how to move forward?

  • Do you just need someone to know your goal and encourage you along the way? 

whatever path you choose, I got you!

"Vicki demonstrates professionalism in every aspect. She is driven, creative and genuinely cares. Vicki focuses on the main goal: to take care of clients."

~Shawn M.


Does this describe you?

I understand how Personas work and see the value in creating them for my business. 

I'm running my business and I know the value of Personas, but don't know where to begin.

With so much going on in my business already, I just know I won't invest the time I need to create personas.

I'd like your help getting started, mapping out a plan then letting me loose to make it happen!

which one describes you?


I know what it's going to take to create personas and that's time, dedication and more time. 

Does this describe you?

I know myself and am being realistic when I say I know I need to do this, but won't.

While I know I can create time to work on this, I also know myself and am realistic that it's just not going to happen.

Having help creating the plan and regular check-ins is what I need!


I'm a planner and once it's on my calendar, it happens. I'd have more confident if I had a weekly chat.

Does this describe you?

I'm extremely busy with my business but I will carve out some time on my calendar to create time for this. 

While I'm good with creating plans, right now I feel more confident knowing someone will be there checking in each week to answer questions or help if I need it. 

I just need an accountability partner. 


Does this describe you?

This isn't my first rodeo BUT I am extremely busy and it would be nice (I mean extremely helpful!) to have someone on my side encouraging me to get this done. 

I got this. I know that all I really need is to tell someone my goal, the deadline and cheer me on. 

If I could just share my goal with someone and be held accountable, that's all I really need to stay motivated and complete this.

OR are you looking for something...BIGGER?

Play BIGGER Challenge

"YES! I'm having a great year, kicking ass with my goals and set to have a banner year. I'm already planning on 2020 being MY year for MAJOR ACTION in my business!"

First, I'm SO excited for you, your achievements, ass-kickin' you're doing and the dreams you are making a reality!

Now, it's time to prepare for keeping the momentum going. You are ready to PLAY BIGGER, my friend! 

I'm creating a PLAY BIGGER in 2020 Challenge that might just be what you need to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!


If so, register here to receive the details once I have the details finalized. All the good stuff will be available by September 9, 2019. You can also register here

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