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Does That Tweet Support a Company Goal?

Often times, businesses have profiles on social media platforms, are excited about reaching customers and potential customers in a new way - and may even have dedicated personnel to manage their online presence.

But, does the output correspond to an input? In other words, does the message being delivered, i.e. Tweet, Facebook post, Periscope, Snapchat story, etc. align and support one of the company's goals?

Every company establishes company goals. There's a strategy developed on "how" those goals will be reached and "why" each goal is in place. The "how" and "why" are most important as these ultimately determine the success of your business.

Below are 5 goals every company should have in place and every activity should support - whether you're a dealership, finacial institution, mortgage company, restaurant or tech company:

  1. Create brand awareness

  2. Engage with target audience

  3. Educate target audience

  4. Promote products/services

  5. Increase sales/revenue

With those goals in mind, review your sales and marketing strategy. Do the activities and goals you established align with one or more of these company goals? Do the company messengers, i.e. brand advocates or marketing team, post information to support these goals?

There is, of course, a balance between posting business information and posting random "Monday Motivational quotes, TGIF comments and #FF posts. There definitely needs to be a balance. Just be sure that the posts representing your company are relevant and support a company goal.

If you haven't reviewed your company goals and created a top-down strategy that demonstrates how the employees efforts align with top level company goals, do so. When there's alignment across the departments, the "output" or posts will reflect synergies within your company and increase engagement opportunities with your brand and employees.

What strategy do you have in place and communicated with your employees? Contact us and we'll help break it down with you.


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