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EOY Sales Tip

End of Year (EOY) Sales Tip: Verify if your prospect's priorities align with yours.

If you have prospects that you WANT to close before YE but you aren't sure you'll be able to make that happen, it may not be you, your product or your pricing. It may very well just be they aren't ready.

You want to close the year strong but if the timing isn't right, they don't have all the information needed to make a confident decision or they have other priorities, it will be a HUGE challenge to agree to move forward in the relationship - and the sale.

And offering a discount rarely works. Why? Because lowering your price doesn't change THEIR priorities. It only discounts - and most likely, de-values - your solution.

When you revisit these prospects after the new year, ask questions that will help you identify timing for the solution which will help guide your follow-up process. And it will better prepare you for when that deal will be closed and count toward your objective.

REMINDER: Follow the BANT (original lead qualification process) to identify the Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline to better understand their priorities and when you will close the gap in moving that relationship forward.

It would be great to hear your stories of moving a prospect who was on the fence at the end of the year when you needed to close the deal.

Share your stories below! Let's learn and support others by sharing stories.


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