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How are you entering the two-thirds of your audience?

I had an amazing conversation with Mark Schaefer last week for my podcast, Connect the Dots. As a long-time fan of Mark's, I became an even bigger fan when I read his latest book "Marketing Rebellion".

There is SO much value to gain from this book (I'd lend it to you if it didn't have so many underlines, stars and highlights) that to sum it up in a tiny nutshell, the message would be: the customer controls your marketing. Mark shared a great example from a recent trip of his on how a local restaurant is leveraging a large pig structure in a tie-dyed shirt for his marketing.

He shared that example when mentioning one of the things he talks about in his book which is two-third of your marketing is occurring without you. And this example shows how the local restaurant owner is helping the customer do their job.

We are aware that consumers have been tuning out the advertiser for decades. Technology has allowed consumers to control what they see and don't see. Here are two interesting stats:

  1. 600M mobile phones today have ad blockers

  2. 113M ad free video subscribers (82% of total, Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime Video, eMarketer, Nov 2019)

The question becomes: what are you doing to enter the two-thirds?

As you prepare for your next team meeting, budget meeting or strategy meeting, I encourage you to look at your marketing spend and results. Are there disconnects. Then discuss how your customers are consuming information and ways you can help your customers do their job as your marketer.

You want to stay ahead of the curve on this! It will require different perspectives, different ways of thinking and <gulp> change. The good news is it can only be doing one small thing different - and that's the kind of change most people like.

What are you going to do differently to stay ahead?

I offer a one-hour consult to help with these types of discussions. If you're interested in chatting with me, it's only a small fee for what you will take away from the conversation! For more information, click here.

To listen to my Connect the Dots podcast interview with Mark, click here for the YouTube video, audio and Show Notes. Be prepared to take notes!!


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