How can this creative marketing and sales coach help YOU?

My Approach


To understand how I might help you, we need to discuss the areas of your business that are struggling.

Too often I hear "I need marketing." which could mean SO many different things. I often find out after a discussion that it's not marketing they need but it's a process, identifying ideal customers, better lead quality or sales. 

So, before we 'jump' into a solution, we need to first identify the real problem. 

I'm providing a low-commitment, high value actionable option for passionate business owners, marketing leaders and sales leaders who need clarify through the confusion or cloudiness.


It helps talking through scenarios with someone who has over 25 years of marketing and sales experience in various industries and in various leadership roles. I am very much a chameleon (that means I adapt easily to people and conversations) so adapting to your business and needs will happen quickly so you maximize the time we chat.


Investing in an hour with me can save you thousands in wasted money, hours and effort. Here's what a couple of people had to say:

Get past the mental block, jump start a new initiative, give yourself confidence that you're headed in the right direction or overcome an obstacle. A one-hour small investment of $125 can deliver:

Creativity - One of the benefits of having experience in various industries and with different size companies is perspective. Plus I thoroughly love to brainstorm and have been known to come up with creative solutions - and leverage whatever resources you currently have without spending more $$. 

Direction - You likely know where you want to go but are stuck in how to get there. Sometimes it helps just talking through it. I've been there many times and know how to create clarity through the clutter. 

Strategy - You have goals and you know when you want to achieve those goals. You just need a second opinion on making sure you've covered your bases and are moving the needle. I'm all about finding ways to do it optimally as well!

Ready to get started?

Only $125. 

If you KNOW you need a marketing strategy, below is an example of some deliverables.

Marketing Strategy

More targeted marketing with the right customers

Do any of these sound like you?

"I've invested a lot of time connecting with people online and at events but all I hear is crickets."

"I have a marketing plan but the lead quality is meh."

"I've invested $10,000 - $100,000's on outsourced marketing resources and tools but we just aren't seeing results."

"I'm working on nurturing existing relationships and need to create new contacts. But I don't know where to look to find them!"

'Frustration overwhelm' is normal when you aren't getting the results you want.

I help remove frustration by transforming your marketing into a high-quality lead machine that:

Target prospects who best match your ideal customer type (so you can enjoy working with new customers as much as you do the existing ones).

Engage with them by providing value on whichever platform they choose to invest their time (so you aren't randomly sending messages and hoping someone will like or respond).

Convert more prospects to buy without spending more money than you have budgeted (so you can create more customers more efficiently without breaking the bank).

"Vicki is truly gifted at delivering solutions that address real client problems which leads to real results."

"She is not only smart and dependable but she is truly gifted at delivering solutions that address real client problems which leads to real results. She has tremendous energy, passion and insight to the latest sales and marketing trends." ~ Tony Manzo

"What do I get when I work with you on a Marketing Strategy, Vicki?"



Review existing marketing strategy, goals and results to identify gaps 

Confirm target market customers and where they spend time; evaluate engagement

In-depth interviews with key stakeholders in marketing, sales, customer service and leaders

SWOT analysis to understand how to leverage brand and uniqueness in marketing and with sales

Customer survey which I'll create and you send out 

10 one-on-one interviews with customers and prospects 

Trends and key take away's will be provided as a result of the interviews and data collected

Deliver one persona that you can start creating content for immediately (+ template for creating more personas)



List 2 competitors in your space to analyze

Review and evaluate their website, social platforms and engagement

Evaluate what's working and what's not in your industry

Identify the weak area of the market and how to leverage your brand's strengths to fill the gap


Develop a monthly plan for content on each platform injecting persona characteristics (+ template)

Create metric goals that correspond to marketing, sales and business goals 

Communication recommendations for onboarding team with changes and moving forward strategy for buy-in


Accountability agreement for all stakeholders including expectations, involvement, time frames, deliverables

Accountability coaching from me for 60 days with communication to confirm progress and address issues

Develop road map together for your use over the next 6 months to stay on course with the strategy

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