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Your Video Creator Archetype

Image by Matthew Osborn

The Educator

Here are a few things you want to know about your Video Creator Type LFNC, The Educator:

  • LFNC is an acronym for Long Form (LF) and On Camera (NC)

  • Long form means videos longer than 5 minutes

  • On camera means you prefer being the ‘talking head’ or be on camera

  • Educators like to inform, review, share processes and either go wide or deep with the details In doing so, more recording is needed to have more footage for editing and B-Roll

Characteristics of an Educator might be:​​

  1. Driven: Implement your vision of what's best for your community. You go to great lengths to make sure you're a step ahead of them so you can continue to serve them on their journey regardless of where they are.

  2. Organized: You thrive on creating a plan, keeping others accountability and adhering to deadlines. You're methodical in how you process information and provide the same structure to your community through materials provided. 

  3. Catalyst: You act as a catalyst for human growth because of your ability to see potential in others. Staying true to your values and vision, you're passionate about the possibilities in others and leverage that passion to persuade others to your ideas.

Image by Chris Montgomery

What IS a 'Long Form' video?

  • Long form video is what you see on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. 'Long' videos are videos longer than 8 minutes where ad placement is supported mid-video.

  • These videos are landscape with dimensions that are wider than tall, 1920 x 1080 using YouTube dimensions.

  • Since the focus of long-form videos is on the duration, dimensions and platforms, the people can be on-camera or off-camera. The Educator LFNC is on-camera. 

  • This video might require a lot of raw footage with different scenes, backgrounds and transitions, requiring more editing.

What does it mean to be an Educator video creator?

Image by Evangeline Shaw
  • You enjoy the creation process from brainstorming ideas, researching your topic and recording but insist on letting someone else do the tedious task of editing.

  • You value time talking with your community and  educating them. You aren't as concerned about the metrics or how your video performs as long as it connects with your community and inspires them to take action.

  • At the end of the day you know the value video has in helping your brand stand out AND gives you more opportunities to engage with your community on a deeper level

  • STAT:  76% of consumers purchase a product or service after watching a video

  • You've experienced the power of being on camera. Being the face of your brand is an opportunity to connect with your ideal clients faster and easier which will lead them to taking the journey with you because you've connected with them on a deeper, more intimate level - developing the know, like and trust bond more effectively.

Image by Liane Metzler

Based on your Educator Video Creator Type, here are a few things you can do next:

  1. Pick one of the long form video platforms to create an account, and follow me (YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn)

  2. Find 2 or 3 influencers on that platform who are creating content that you like (in or out of your niche)

  3. Join my FREE LinkedIn Community Video Vibes. This is where I share video tips, host events and support you on your video journey. It's also an opportunity for you to connect with others who are on their video journey, too.

Let go of the expectations that videos need to be perfect - because they don't. The best videos - the videos people relate to and like the most - are the imperfect videos.

I'm here to guide you along the video-creation-with-consistency-journey every step of the way,

If you have questions or need additional support and resources, please reach out to me here

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