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How to Create Personas and Convert More Leads to Customers

(without: adding resources or budget $)

In this masterclass we will review my 4-step process that will give you the tools needed to create ONE Persona.

In this Masterclass
you will learn
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How To Build a Persona

I'll provide the template with data fields for B2B and B2C so you can take action immediately after the webinar.

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Tools That Can Help You Build Your Personas

You may already have these right in front of you and not know how much power they hold in creating Personas.

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How Personas Impact Marketing & Sales

The value of targeted marketing and how it helps with the lead generation and sales process.

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How Personas Impact Your Brand

My TOP strategy for how to impact your website, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising and your overall brand perception. 

Customer engagement is the name of the game. With a penchant for finding the next communication channel, discovering innovative ways to educate and inform audiences, or producing and hosting webinars – Vicki's talent for communication strategy is only overshadowed by her tremendous work ethic and wicked sense of humor. Outgoing and full of ideas, Vicki is one of the best marketing professionals I have ever had the privilege of working with.


Chris Fry

This is a Must Attend If...

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Your marketing is generating BLAH results 

Your lead quality COULD be better (but you don't know where to begin)

You are already SLAMMED with keeping up with your current workload and need help without hiring 

You're not even sure IF you're targeting the right prospects (and think that could be why engagement is so low)

Work Desk

71% of companies that exceed lead and revenue goals already have documented Personas in place.

Cintell, Data and Behavioral Science Company

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A Note from Vicki...

Stream it, don't spray it.

Think of a spray bottle that has 'stream' and 'spray'. When you use the stream feature, the liquid streams out and is concentrated in one, small area and very direct (like a spot on a shirt that you want to treat).

Now change the nozzle to the spray option. What happens? The spray comes out in a wider and lighter mist, covering a larger area.  

The point:  If your current strategy is more of a 'spray' and you aren't generating the leads and results you want, this Masterclass is for you. 

See you in there!

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