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Episode 57: 

Amanda Relyea-Voss, Like A Voss Social Media

Show Notes:

Amanda Relyea-Voss is the Founder and CEO of Like a Voss Social Media


As the owner and CEO of Like A Voss Social Media, Amanda brings a high level of proficiency to the world of marketing and advertising – specifically to social media. She has managed hundreds of social media accounts for both start-up companies and established brands. She has an advanced diploma in Integrated Marketing Communications, as well as a diploma in Advertising, and if you could get a degree for making the world’s best fettuccine Alfredo she would have that, too.

From an early age, Amanda was a writer, photographer, and lover of all things creative. She filled more than 5 journals by the age of 18 – and she now applies her creativity to everything she does day-to-day to create amazing organic social media strategies for her clients - along with her amazing team!

When she is not working you can find her in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, making soap, camping, kayaking (in the summer), trying the latest fitness trend (LOL), playing guitar and listening to her vinyl collection. 

Connect with Like a Voss and Mandi via the following links:

Like a Voss Social Agency Links:

Mandi Relyea-Voss Links:

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