It's not about me.

Seriously. This is


You know that having

the RIGHT strategy

gives you MASSIVE power:

Power to create shareable content 

Power to serve customers at every touch point 

Power to exceed revenue goals

The problem? Your strategy is MEH.

  • It's like a suspense movie with parts that are MIA

  • It's a book with torn out pages partially re-inserted

  • It's a game of telephone with plastic cups and string

You tried hiring a marketing strategist but all you got was a content plan on steroids.

Are you ready to change the game?

My strategy focuses on the customer and creating the ideal experience for them from beginning to end.


I even get marketing, sales and customer service involved. (cue the shocking gasps)

Developing a laser-focused, comprehensive strategy 

Doing the not-so-desirable tasks like competitive research and creating a content calendar

Sharing your brand voice with the customer no matter where they are in buying your solution

I help you achieve your business goals by: 

You: I want your help, Vicki, achieving my business goals! 

Me:  It would be an honor to help you! Let's start here 

A well thought out marketing and sales strategy

created and shared with the internal team, 

builds trust and creates more fans

with the external team: your customers.

Who am I?

Hi. My name's Vicki.

I am a....

  • Mom (the empty-nester kind)

  • Coffee drinker (the caramel foo foo flava)

  • Runner (did the half marathons, now a 10k girl) 

  • Multi-passionate entrepreneur

  • Creative problem solver

  • Customer focused fanatic

  • Chameleon (I easily adapt to people and environments)

I'm also a:

With decades of driving results as an employee in various industries and as an entrepreneur leading cross-functional teams.

I simplify the complex and thoroughly research options before creating the best plan for you.

This means that although there are many parts to your marketing and sales strategy, I am:


Proactive, thorough and customer focused in developing the best plan for you and your business goals. Let me do all the heavy lifting. 

Rick Cartwright

"Vicki is a rock star. She has so many good ideas, and is always a source of new ideas, especially when they are needed most. What makes her special, however, is not just the ideas. She knows how to make those ideas a reality. She executes on the strategy and mission. She is a great friend, and an amazing business mind."

20+ Years of Experience in Marketing and Sales

Previous roles:

Inside sales manager, marketing director, new business development director


Bachelor's in Marketing and Sales


Board member, high school team manager, grade school reading mentor, Junior Achievement leader

It's time to take that next step and create the next level of results you've been waiting to achieve. 

If you...

Want someone who takes action now

Need a solid, researched strategy with dates and accountability

Work best with someone genuinely invested in helping 

Are tired of someone 'saying' and not 'doing'

Want creative ideas to grab your prospect's attention

Want someone to deliver what was promised, on time

Then, you're ready! Let's get started.

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