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Episode 69: 

David Miller, The Goering Center

Show Notes:

The Goering Center's mission is to help family owned businesses and small business owners prepare for transitioning their leadership training, strategic planning, development in culture, board of advisors to prepare for a better outcome with succession planning.  They are a non-profit, education based organization that provides business growth that gives back to the economy. 

"Every business goes through a transition. We try to get as far in front of that transition as possible. There are critical steps that business needs to do and skills they need to be developing internally to make the transition efficient and less stressful." ~David Miller, New Member Engagement Director, The Goering Center, Cincinnati Ohio


A senior leader with extensive, results-orientated experience within both public and private business ownership structures. Known as a problem-solver and business builder through collaboration. Accomplished in "getting stuff done." A strategic and analytical leader managing with clear sense of purpose and entrepreneurial urgency. Adept at organizing and leading Marketing and Sales teams in early-stage, aggregation and late-stage business cycles.

The combination of my deep Operational experience, proven ability to work with external Advisory teams and internal stakeholders and nuanced in program management establishes the necessary foundation for organizational transformation, improving operational efficiencies and business platform aggregation. 

David joined the Goering Center in February 2018 as the New Member Engagement Director after spending over 30 years in various leadership roles in the local media space under both public and private business ownership structures. Most recently, he was a managing partner and COO with CBD Media & Kith Media, serving small, private business enterprises in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. David’s passion is education-based enterprises and working with small businesses and individuals to improve business outcomes. David and his wife, Kathy, have three young adult children and reside in Cincinnati.  


To connect with David at The Goering Center:

The Goering Center website

David Miller's email

David Miller's office phone number 

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