Episode 88:  Marketing Lifecycle vs Sales Funnel

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The sales funnel is a 100-year old process that doesn't align with how people want to engage with people and their solutions. The Marketing Lifecycle aligns with how people want to engage and connect with others and goes beyond just marketing - it includes advocacy and retention.


Here are the 6 steps I cover in this episode and why Marketing Lifecycle is more important to the customer journey than a sales funnel

  1. Define (your ideal customer)

  2. Know - let them get to know you as people

  3. Like - give them reasons to like you

  4. Trust - create micro moments that allow them to trust you

  5. Buy - do everything right before this and they will buy from you

  6. Retain/create advocacy - the most important step to your marketing budget

I mentioned the Customer Journey document to creating content and nurturing their journey. I also mentioned the ability to leave a voice message in addition to leaving a comment below - both can be found here:

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