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Episode 43: 

Judi Fox, Business & Sales Coach, LinkedIn Video Strategist

Show Notes:

About Judi 


GenX Experience meets Millennial Energy! She has 20 years of solution oriented Fortune 500 management experience, delivered with energy and encouragement. 

She started her career as a chemical engineer in 1999. In 2008, economic crisis hit, she traveled, and launched a 6-figure consulting business leveraging LinkedIn. This was the best thing she ever did in her life was lean into LinkedIn and build connections. Why? LinkedIn is long-term career and business insurance!

She was then prepared when a family crisis hit in 2014 and successfully running her consulting business by focusing on LinkedIn for 4 years. During that time, she decided to film video everyday, she took Marie Forleo's B-School, studied marketing experts to learn what went viral, drives social sales, online community building and word of mouth referrals.

In 2018 she implemented the "LinkedIn Accelerator" Method based on her experience. The objective is to achieve:

  • 3M+ Video views in 2018

  • Averaged 600 post likes and comments

  • Increased following from 2,000 to 24,000 in a year

Continuous Learning

Judi has always been interested in how to share her voice or how to communicate. She never thought about being on stage but she always loved the ability to command an audience and be on stage. Always her personality thought of herself as an inner actress or inner performer. In her spare time she use to go to Toastmasters to improve your speaking abilities and on stage presence in crafting a story.

In Richmond, VA where she lives, she belongs to a women’s entrepreneurial type community for all types of businesses so you can Connect the Dots between all the ways you can become an entrepreneur and women are crushing it in their space. Running your own business, you can learn so much at home now so she listens to podcasts and attends webinars.

She recently participated in a webinar that teaches people how to get a viral TedX talk. One of the things she learned is that when you get on stage instead of thanking the person who introduced you or thanking the crowd, instead the strongest thing you can do is open up with your hook, the thread of your quote and start with your quote that you will weave into your story – and at minimum they will leave with that nugget of gold. THEN you can thank and acknowledge your host and attendees.

The hook and weaving it into your story is a great piece of storytelling. We see this all the time so unless you’re studying it or looking for it you won’t realize it. She talks about telling people to do that – study some of the things of others who are doing it and be intentional then you’ll see the patterns. Study Judi and her hook!


What contributed to your banner year in 2018?

A lot of things contributed to it but the biggest thing had to do with her mindset and she stopped asking for permission – in life.  Up to that point in her career, she still had a mindset that you got a job, you go to work, you come home at night, you have your weekends, At some point you take your experience and intuition and merge them then trust that that’s what you’re suppose to do next.

That feeling of what needs to be and how your voice needs to show up in the world. It almost felt like a train that she couldn’t stop. She realized she needed to start sharing her voice, her quirkiness, her humor, and was even dressing up as people – it’s her inner actress that has always been in her performance reviews (as positive and negative) in corporate jobs.

She's had this outgoing personality that was always there but now she had video and a platform she believed in and trusted like LinkedIn. LinkedIn has gotten her so far in her career and so she just leaned into it.

Her coach at the time, Halle, she was also pushing her. She had built up to that point but she could also hear and mirror back to her that that’s what she needed to do it and encourage her to make it happen.


Tell me about the LinkedIn Business Accelerator Program you started in 2018.

When she started creating content on LI she was still working FT in the corporate world. When she started putting her voice out there, she wasn’t asking anyone’s permission to be a thought leader. They don’t own her time when she’s at home – thoughts on things, goal setting, etc. There shouldn’t be any downside to share thoughts and experiences or found value in openly regardless of our job.

She leaned into educating herself, leaned into Maria Forleo and joined Marie's BSchool – follow her content practices, break things down and see the patterns to create videos and content then using LinkedIn to get her message out publicly.

She built the LinkedIn Business Accelerator because its what she did for her business. It’s proven and really does work – registration through November 8, 2019. She is keeping the group to a maximum of 30 people in this session so she can still have access to everyone. She uses an app called Telegram for group discussions (voice messaging, Q&A, Slack type team tool) instead of a Facebook Group. She also individually sends Loom videos and share with the group and 1:1 when she sees patterns or issues that need to be addressed.

She does 'before' shots on everyone’s profiles. Sometimes it’s what’s going to move the needle in YOUR business. You have to know the purpose of goal of the website, profile, business, etc. before you can determine taking action on feedback provided.

The #1 skill in someone’s business is to relate to their clients and make other people look good – that’s how you’ll go far. She writes down in her 'Thank You’ journal as a reminder to be thankful for people.

“If you’re trying to move the needle everywhere in your business, you might not move it anywhere.”

She considers LinkedIn as a platform for long term relationships and relationship building.

"It’s not a matter of if something is going to happen in your business but when." 

Two typical tips you would give anyone on LinkedIn to move the needle?

  1. If you make your above the fold area of your profile, you’ve made it appealing or relatable, how to get a hold of you, who you are, who you serve, what you want to talk about – if people know that’s what you want coming into your life, the rest of your online time will be better. “Don’t worry about making it fancy, make it clear.”

  2. Make a list of your top 10 people and try to stay engaged with them in the feed, in DMs, on IG, or wherever they are. Those are the people who don’t get hurt when you take time off, they respond consistently in how they treat people, they will ultimately be the people who help you. Instead of saying you need to create consistent content, you need to show up and be consistent in who you are as a person (keep focus on people not content).


The more time you spend on LI the better. She uses Linked DMs a lot for group messages. Group messages on LI has created a Spam folder now so you can mark things as spam (new feature at the time this was recorded in Sept 2019). If you can do a LOOM to show it, do that as an embedded video. By reporting as spam you don’ have to block someone or report them and any new messages that show up like that they automatically go to the spam folder.

Judi teaches in her LI Business Accelerator is about how to show up for others. Don’t try to get attention but to show attention so it’s reciprocated or #Foxocity

Have a 1:1 call To sign up for a call “Pounce on your Spot” – access to her calendar, fill out her application and so she knows who she’s talking to. Registration is open until November 8!

What is one thing your ICA may not know about you but maybe they should?

Some things they may be surprised about her is she has a very adventurous spirit. She’s been to the deepest spot, repelling into a cave in the continental US as well as the highest point, private pilot’s license, ice climbing, rock climbing, biking to Myrtle Beach from VA. It comes from a place of curiosity and living life. She's been to all 50 states except NE, ME, AK, HI – so if there are speaking engagements in any of these states she’d LOVE to attend! 


Her trainings and certifications have helped her prepare for the adventurous course of being online as well!


Businesses who don’t know who their ideal customer is or where they are spending time, lose revenue.

Where to connect with Judi online:



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