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Looking for how to make creating videos FASTER and EASIER? Check this out ->>>>

Are you FRUSTRATED with trying  to figure out HOW to grow your business?

You scroll social media and see all these posts about how someone else has take their business from ZERO to 6 figures in a month, right? 

The fact is:  none of those are true. 

It's impossible to grow a business that fast financially. Even with a viral video!

There are things, however, you can do to speed up the process.

That's where VIDEO comes in.

Video, with a well thought out plan, makes scaling your business easier and faster. You just need to work with the right person with the best plan.

Paparazzi Photographers

REMOVE Anxiety
SQUASH Overwhelm


  • Unlock Over 300 Video Content Ideas

  • Create SCROLL-STOPPING Videos

  • High-Converting Hooks and CTAs

  • Get More LEADS

  • Skyrocket your SALES 🚀




  • Confusion from not knowing what to say or do

  • Overwhelm from not having a process

  • Frustration from not be consistent

  • Being too busy to focus on video

  • Procrastination

It's time to change that.​

Get started right now with my mini course that walks you through all the steps for planning, recording, editing and publishing your videos. 



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Strategy Session Image for Work With Me page.png

Pick the Option that Works Best for You:

Do It Yourself

Done With You

Done For You

Video Value

You're one lunch break away from having a framework in place for planning, creating, editing and publishing on video. 

Here's what's included in the DIY model with Spark!:

  • Get a month's worth of video content PLANNING done with my step-by-step guide that covers everything from finding topics to deciding what hashtags to use

  • Best practices for RECORDING so you have the right and best setup for your brand - including when you want to record on-the-go

  • Techniques and short cuts for EDITING fast including using b-roll, effects, music and overlays.

  • Quick and simple method to PUBLISHING your videos so you don't feel like your on the content hamster wheel. 

  • PLUS you get the following three BONUSES:

    • Equipment guide: to make sure your lighting, sound and video quality are top notch​

    • Planning template and checklist so you make sure you don't miss a beat

    • 26 business topics (for any niche) so you can jump start your video creation process.

I want to IGNITE my visibility and get started now for $47 with SPARK! Online Mini Course.*

Done with You Midjourney.png

Video Visibility

Stop avoiding or stressing over video! 


I'll help you design a simple video strategy that works. 

You likely are avoiding videos because it's too time consuming, Maybe you don't know what to talk about or how to make your videos stop the scroll.

In this 12-Week Power Series, we'll dig into the problem and create a solution that works best for you and where you are in your video journey.

During these 60-minute weekly sessions you'll get:

  • Dedicated time to you and implementing the video strategy we create 

  • I'll coach you on how to create scroll-stopping videos on any platform 

  • We'll dive into your content strategy and identify how to start with video first to save you time (and money!)

  • Metrics that matter to you and your business's success

  • My plan for creating velocity even after our 12 weeks has ended.  

This option is for those who are serious about growing their business, know the value video brings to their brand and are ready to take action to grow their revenue.

This 12-week program is $5,000*.


I want coaching and guidance with my video content strategy!

Done For You Midjourney.png

Video Valet

"I don't want to do any of it! Can I just hand all the video stuff to you?"

Does this sound familiar?


If so, you are like most ambitious professionals I work with who know the value video has BUT don't have the time to do it yourself.


I get it. I've been in your shoes.


Life and business are busy enough. Who has time to add videos on top of it?


And, let's face it, you don't want to be a video producer so WHY spend time creating videos if you can let someone else do it for you, right?


Here's how I can help you create scroll-stopping, engaging videos that get you results:


I'll do all the planning, editing and publishing and all you have to do is record the video. I will hand you what you need to record. 

Here's what you get: 

  • A strategy session with me

  • Unlimited videos a month

  • I'll batch plan your videos

  • Hand you a script to record

  • You upload the video to a shared location

  • My team edits your video so it represents you, your brand and stops the scroll with your target audience

  • I manage and monitor results 

Pricing starts at $5,000/month.* Book a call to learn more.

* Schedule a free call with Vicki to see which program is the best fit for you.

Video Option


Gehan 'G' Haridy-Ardanowski, Founder Golden Synergy Touch

Team Meeting

Download my FREE Video Planning


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