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  • Confusion from not knowing what to say or do

  • Overwhelm from not having a process

  • Frustration from not be consistent

  • Being too busy to focus on video

  • Procrastination

It's time to change that.​

Say HELLO to clarity, calmness and conviction. When you do, I will help you get the acceleration to new clients that you desire. 

If you aren't sure where to begin or what your first step should be, book a call. It's  a free 30 minute call so that we can discuss and determine the best next step for you. 

Paparazzi Photographers

Confidence is the root of being on camera. It's the starting point for building a solid foundation for starting a video journey that accelerates over time and gets you seen and heard more.


Showing up confidently as your authentic self on camera will get you attention. How? Confidence is a magnet that draws people in to you. It empowers you to get seen more. When you are being seen more and by a bigger audience, you automatically attract more of the people who desire to work with you. Are you ready create more confidence?

"Before Vicki: Scared, clueless, no video
After Vicki: Confident, know what to do, creating videos!"

~ Kerry Doyle, Career Clarity Coach ~

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