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Episode 55: 

Seth Anthony, Marketing and Sales Leader at Holleran

Show Notes:

Seth Anthony is the Director of Marketing and Sales at Holleran


Topics discussed:

  1. Provide research and market insights

    • Support B2B senior living organizations with data to help drive an increase in their marketing efforts to attract more seniors age 55 and older

    • Data types include voice of the customer, voice of the employee, survey feedback or analyziing 3rd party data such as consumer data and data they may have collected around falls, operations so that they can give good insights into visualization and strategic decisions. 

  2. Specializing in data visualization

    • Holleran employs advanced degrees in statistics and math ​

    • This group analyzes and identifies trends and unique patterns that others are likely to not find

  3. Measuring engagement and satisfaction

    • Measuring engagement and satisfaction of people employed at the senior living facilities or residents of the senior living facilities​

    • The similarities between the groups is fascinating - when employees are engaged in the facility the residents are much more engaged in the facility

    • If an employee wants a promotion the engagement of the residents goes up 25%

    • This is important to the residents because they see how much the employee is cared for and how much they enjoy their work and that they are interested in being around for awhile and the residents see that so they become more engaged in the community

    • Giving this type of data and intelligence to the facility helps them build long term strategic plans 

    • An increase in maintenance requests, for example, and have a quick response time indicates they feel their voice is being heard which correlates to an increase in satisfaction

  4. How using market intelligence data helps attract new clients

    • A recent release is the Market Intelligence Report which takes consumer data they purchase from data suppliers that specialize in 55+ consumer data 

    • Purchase data based on population density and zip codes among other data fields

    • The data allows them to map out critical key information on what the 55+ population generally does or has when considering moving into a senior living facility

      • Income producing assets, how much money do they have in the bank that can produce more money for them

      • Home equity - the value of their house

      • Consumers base their decision on many other factors like:

        • Is there a culture they feel like they can engage with

        • Does the market reflect the costs and values of what's available ​

Connect with Seth Anthony via the below links if you'd like to continue the conversation:

Seth Anthony on LinkedIn

Holleran company website

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