Book Me For a Day

Do any of these sound like you?

"I don't need a full time marketing person but I could use your expertise with finding out how we can create better content."

"I need more NEW leads coming in so I don't have to spend all my time calling the same people over and over."

"If I had a few email templates to send prospects at different stages of the buying cycle, I could close more deals!"

"I like how you create platform-specific, customer-focused content and would be extremely valuable to have you do that for us, too."

Guess what? 

That means you get:

28,800 seconds of dedicated, professional expertise that's focused on:

YOUR brand

YOUR marketing

YOUR success

"I highly recommend Vicki for any organization in need of great marketing and strategy."

"I learned very quickly Vicki has a rare combination of dependability, warmth, and strategy. Friendly and team-oriented, Vicki has the perfect personality to match her marketing skills. I would highly recommend Vicki for any organization in need of great marketing and strategy!" ~ Darla Kirchner

"Is the book-me-for-a-day package ideal for me, Vicki?"

This package is ideal IF you need... now but don't have the resources or time

I keep 1 spot open each week for this.

...more and higher quality incoming leads

You have a lot of leads but they are closing.

...content for emails, social media, blog posts

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective.

Examples of what I can do for you:

Do an audit of your brand's online presence and provide 3 ways to improve immediately.

Evaluate your leads and the internal process and provide direction on how to generate higher quality leads (based on actual leads provided)

Create a quarterly content calendar including short and long form content ideas.

Research 2 competitors and provide you with at least 3 key ways to stand out and create engagement.

Create content for 6-7 emails or create 2-3 blog posts or create 7-9 pieces of content for 1 social media profile.



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