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Book Me For a Day

Do any of these sound familiar?

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"I don't need a full time marketing person but I could use your expertise with finding out how we can create better content."

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"I need more NEW leads coming in so I don't have to spend all my time calling the same people over and over."

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"If I had a few email templates to send prospects at different stages of the buying cycle, I could close more deals!"

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"I like how you create platform-specific, customer-focused content and would be extremely valuable to have you do that for us, too."

Guess what? 

My 20+ years of experience, strategic mind and laser focus attention can be ALL YOURS for 8 hours.

That means you get:

28,800 seconds of dedicated, professional expertise that's focused on:

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your BRAND

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For A LOT less money and time than it would for a full-time CMO. 

Let's compare: 

Hiring ​a full-time CMO in Ohio has an average annual salary of $200,000. If it takes a week for him/her to get one project completed, that's over $3,800 invested and at least 5 work days.


Hiring me for ONE DAY to get a project D-O-N-E is only $1,099 for the day. 

If you need a project completed and aren't looking to hire a full-time CMO, it makes time and budget sense to hire for the one-time project. 

"I highly recommend Vicki for any organization in need of great marketing and strategy."

"I learned very quickly Vicki has a rare combination of dependability, warmth, and strategy. Friendly and team-oriented, Vicki has the perfect personality to match her marketing skills. I would highly recommend Vicki for any organization in need of great marketing and strategy!" ~ Darla Kirchner

Here's how it works:

We get on a Zoom call for 60 minutes to review needs, goals, expectations and deliverables.

1- We Plan

I work 6 hours the next business day while you take a break and do something you've been wanting to do (but say you haven't had time!)

2- I work, you relax

Not the musical kind (no one wants to hear that from me!). 

The last hour, we get on Zoom and I make final, live edits based on your feedback. Documents. Delivered. (mic drop).

4- We wrap

You review the work and make notes on the document/s what changes need to be made or questions you have. I play with a new idea, content for my brand or play outside. Weather permitting.

3- You review, I play

We par-tay!

We do because we can - and should! Every goal accomplished should be celebrated.


So go and do your celebratory thing! You earned it!!


Now you can mark that item off your list    (feels good, doesn't it?)

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"Is the book-me-for-a-day package ideal for me, Vicki?"

This package is ideal IF you need...

Red Check Mark.png now but don't have the resources or time

I keep 1 spot open each week for this.

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...more and higher quality incoming leads

You have a lot of leads but they are closing.

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...content for emails, social media, blog posts

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective.

Projects I've worked on and examples of how I might help you:

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Online Audit:  I will conduct an online audit of your brand's digital footprint (website, social media profiles, etc.) and provide you with at least 3 ways you can improve immediately.

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Lead Evaluation: I will evaluate the lead quality and internal process and provide action items on how to generate higher quality leads and create a more streamlined internal process (based on actual leads provided)

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Content Calendar: Create a quarterly content calendar including short and long form ideas you can start creating without additional expenses.

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Competitive Analysis: Research 2 competitors and provide 3 ways you can stand out that will increase engagement.

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Create Content:  Pick any combination: 6-7 email templates/cadences, 2-3 blog articles or 7-9 pieces of content for 1 social media profile.



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