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Episode 12: 

The First <baby> Step to Aligning Marketing and Sales

From this episode:


I review the first BABY step anyone in a marketing or sales leader role can take to starting creating alignment. 

It's actually something we ALL should be doing anyway but often times take for granted because we're too busy. 

It's communication.

There are steps to take toward increasing more effective communication and in this episode I review the FIRST step. 

Here are the 3 take aways from this episode:

  1. Take the initiative and schedule a 15-minute call or meeting with someone on the other team

    • I give you the simple, basic verbiage needed to include in your meeting request

  2. Draft items you need to discuss

    • I share my 3 high gain questions​ that will give you a TON of valuable insight

  3. There's an action item at the end - it's quick and fun! Will you participate? 

Final thoughts:

We communicate all day long via text, DMs, Tweets, Emails, Calls, in-person, etc. YET there is still misalignment between these two teams. And all it takes is communication. 

Will you be taking the lead to make alignment in your marketing and sales efforts better? Even if you're a one-person marketing AND sales person for a small company who reports to the owner, there's an opportunity to create alignment - and better, more effective communication.    

If you have questions, send me a message or click the LIVE chat button and let's get you the answers you need.

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Show Notes:

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Have a separate Marketing and Sales team and not sure where to begin? Take this Marketing and Sales assessment

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