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Episode 4:  Creating the Customer Journey

From this episode:

A customer journey is like a fingerprint - no two are the same. 

Include Marketing and Sales in the process from beginning to end. Why? Sales hears first hand why a prospect started looking for a solution and can give guidance on how they navigate a conversation, commonly asked questions, biggest concerns, common emotions, etc. Marketing can help guide the conversation and mapping process with data and experiences from the inbound and online side. Together this is an amazing process!

Create a journey for the majority

  1. Then the others will find you or be referred to you by the majority

  2. Hone in once you are more familiar with who you are reaching - refine and attract more

  3. Always be evaluating what's working and not working

  4. It helps with inbound marketing which is less expensive than outbound marketing

6 Steps to mapping your customer journey :

  1. Set clear objectives

  2. Identify personas and define your goals (episode 3 goes into details on creating personas)

  3. List out all your touch points

  4. Identify the elements you want to show 

  5. Take the customer journey yourself

  6. Make changes 


Final thought:

Creating a customer journey can be tackled from any angle - for you it might make sense to reverse engineer it – or begin with the end then work backwards from there. If your goal is to sell a product on a webinar, you first have to get people on the webinar, right? So creating messaging where your target audience is that creates awareness of the webinar and give them an opportunity to register.

And keep in mind that while no two experiences are the same you can capture the majority by starting with a plan based on the personas you’ve identified as your target audience.

Lastly, get others involved in your mapping process. It takes more than one person to make change happen in an organization – but it only takes one person to take that first step. Let that person be you.

Just remember that a well-thought out marketing and sales plan will effectively drive the sales you want.

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Show Notes:

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Ep. 4:  Customer Journey Creation

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