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Episode 19: 

Marketing Study Lab with Peter Sumpton

From this episode:

Peter Sumpton is passionate about Marketing and helping students study and pass the Level 3, 4 and 6 Marketing Qualification exams.

You can hear it in his voice. 

Like many of us, there's a story behind the brand. And Peter is no different. 

Marketing Study Lab was created from the experiences Peter had with taking one of HIS Marketing Qualification exams. 

He wants to minimize the frustration and encourages the process of mentoring students who want to obtain the Marketing Qualification whether they are entry level students or a Marketing Manager. 

After investing time into study for the professional qualification, he realized what was missing was the guidance, encouragement and help needed to make obtaining his qualification an easier process. In speaking with others, it was even more clear that others needed this as well and it just didn't exist. 

So he created it.

While working in a full time job, Peter decided to create a solution and leverage his passion for helping people to create Marketing Study Lab. 

The Marketing Qualification programs Peter designed revolves around creating a solid foundation from the beginning, helping students better understand what marketing does - what it's all about, how to use it and how to structure things.


He also provided students with a reliable, knowledgeable and available resource - himself - to access when needed whether they have questions about the program, questions about the studying materials or whether he's the best fit for their study needs (he said he's a realist and understands people learn in different ways and that he may not be the best fit for everyone - the important thing for people to know is that he's still a resource to have that conversation so both he and the student can decide on the fit). 

He compares the importance of having a Marketing Qualification to the importance of a plumber and an accountant knowing their craft: while everyone things they are a marketer, a marketer would not watch over the shoulder of the plumber or accountant and tell them what they should do or what they may be doing wrong.  By having a Marketing Qualification, it provides that added level of confidence in knowing that person has done the work to earn working with businesses on their marketing needs. 

The Marketing Study Lab has a great process that meets the needs of all interested - even students who don't know what organization they want to work for allows them to develop skills for an organization they may want to be employed with in the future while helping students get their foot in the door at that organization. 

When asked what one thing people don't know about Peter but he wishes they did, he provided two things:  one professional and one personal: 

  1. Professional:  Marketing Study Lab may not be for you. Seems counterproductive but Peter's approach is one of openness and transparency. Having a conversation will allow both to determine if Marketing Study Lab is the right solution to obtain the Marketing Qualification. 

  2. Personal:  He doesn't do complicated. He's open and honest and is a genuinely simple person.

3 Resources Peter has used to help his professional career: 

  1. Podcasts - not just because he has his own podcast, Marketing Study Lab podcast - but he genuinely believes this is a highly valuable way for people to learn

  2. People - connecting with people has been very resourceful, especially on LinkedIn and through people like John Espirian who are extremely helpful

  3. Phone - one source that has everything he needs, wealthy of knowledge all in the palm of his hand and is very aware of, and minimizes, the distractions it creates.

You can connect with Peter in the following 3 ways:

  1. LinkedIn - Peter Sumpton at

  2. Email - peter at marketingstudylab dot co dot UK

  3. Facebook - Marketing Study Lab Group Page (open to all in the UK and outside the UK)

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Show Notes:

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Peter made reference to a name in the podcast. Here's whom he was referring: Shed Simove

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