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The Power of 3X Podcast

The Power of 3X Podcast


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Hosted by:  Vicki O'Neill, Kendra Ropos and Kayla Ropos

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Want to learn more about Gen Z?

Join mom and daughters trio Vicki, Kayla and Kendra as we begin our podcast journey together. 

Vicki, a Gen X'er and podcast host of Connect the Dots, leads the discussions of these 15-20 minute episodes. 

All episodes will be audio only and we will eventually have guests. If you're interested in being a guest, scroll down and let us know!

The purpose of The Power of 3X podcast?

This podcast dives into Gen Z (born after 1997 according to Pew Research) and learn more about how they use technology, what they think about authority figures/influencers, how they learn about new brands/products (so discussing marketing, sales, ads, etc.), their thoughts and experiences on education and work life…


We will cover all sorts of topics so you, the listener, can learn about Gen Z and essentially understand who they are as a consumer.

To tag us on Twitter and/or Instagram: 

Kendra Ropos:  @kendraropos 

Kayla Ropos:     @kayla_ropos

Vicki O'Neill:      @vickioneill



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Ep 16: Gen Z and Divorce (Part 2)

Ep 15: Gen Z and Would You Rather...

(our Twitter and IG profiles are above in the show's description)

Ep 14: Gen Z and Divorce (Part 1)

Ep 13: Gen Z and Unemployment

Ep 12: Gen Z and COVID-19


Coronavirus lock down talents EXPOSED!



Ep 11: Gen Z and Advice for the Younger You

Ep 10: Gen Z and Concerns About the Future

Ep 9: Gen Z and Bullying

Ep 8: Gen Z and Healthy Living

Ep 7: Gen Z and Car Buying

Ep 6: Gen Z and Disruptive Advertising

Ep 5: Gen Z and Trust


Ep 4: Gen Z and Education Today

Ep 3: Gen Z and Careers

Ep 2: Gen Z and Technology

Ep 1: Introduction

Is there a particular topic you'd like us to discuss? Click here and let us know!

Want to be a guest on the podcast? 

You must be 18 or older to be a guest.

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