LATEST EPISODEEp #130:  How to Create Irresistible Titles That Convert

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Ep #101:  How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing Your Business

Ep #102:  3 Marketing Strategies to Overcome Small Business Owner Challenges


Ep #103:  Achieving a Goal by Overcoming Unforeseen Challenges 


Ep #104:  Why Starting Video Today Will Be Your Best Decision This Year


Ep #105:  5 Steps to an Effective Marketing Strategy that Sets You Up for Success 


Ep #106:  Keep Your Audience Engaged With Uncontrollable Algorithm Changes


Ep #107:  Marketing Mistakes You Need to Fix Now to Attract More Quality Leads

Ep #108:  Connect with Your Audience on an Emotional Level

Ep #109:  Why Marketers Need to Have Video Editing Skills  

Ep #110:  Why YouTube is SO Hard (and What To Do About It)

Ep #111:  Small YouTuber Analytics from Consistency Uploading since July 2020

Ep #112:  Video Easy Peasy LinkedIn Marketer, Gillian Whitney, joins me as a Guest

Ep #113:  Content Marketing 101 : Guide to the Ultimate Strategy with Vicki O'Neill


Ep #114:  Content That Converts with Lisa Lickert, Owner & President EMI Network

Ep #115:  Create High-Converting Lead Magnets + Toolkit with Vicki O'Neill

Ep #116:  4x Founder and StartUp Life LIVE Show Host Ande Lyons 


Ep #117:  Start Creating Videos for Your Marketing with These Topics 

Ep #118:  Global LinkedIn Company Page Expert, Michelle J. Raymond

Ep #119:  Should I Live Stream on Social Media? 3 Pros and Cons from Vicki O'Neill


Ep #120:  Why Start Creating Videos Now: Pros and Cons for Pre Recording


Ep #121:  5 Day Get Started with Video Challenge HIGHLIGHTS with Vicki O'Neill

Ep #122:  Artificial Intelligence and Video Marketing with Vicki O'Neill


Ep #123:  Vanity Metrics ARE Important and Here's Why with Vicki O'Neill


Ep #124:  Mark Struczewski IS Mister Productivity Joins Vicki O'Neill as Guest


Ep #125:  Video in the Sales Funnel and Customer Journey with Vicki O'Neill

Ep #126:  HIGHLIGHTS of Episodes 101 - 125

Ep #127:  Use Video Marketing to Be More Visible and Book More Appointments


Ep #128:  How to Get LinkedIn Content Refreshed and See More Connections

Ep #129:  What Is Video Marketing and Why Is It Important

Ep #130:  How to Create Irresistible Titles That Convert

LinkedIn Starter Guide by John Espirian

Video Mentioned on 5 Marketing Metrics all Successful Businesses Use

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Create Marketing Clarity - Online Course

Podcast Episode on Creating Personas

Creating Personas YouTube Video

Creating Goals: Why We DON'T Achieve Goals

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Content Calendar for Content Planning

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A podcast for marketing, sales and business professionals whose business has hit a 'plateau' and want to 'grow'.

The Connect the Dots podcast is hosted by Vicki O'Neill a 20+ year marketing and sales leader who founded KenKay Marketing in 2011. She provides tips, tools and actionable strategies in solo episodes as well as guest episodes that will help business leaders like YOU with challenges - regardless of your niche or industry.

Each episode - and any supporting documents - are included on the individual episode show notes. Click the link of an episode that sounds helpful to get started and then subscribe on your favorite platform (or my email if you'd rather be notified a day ahead of the podcast being notified to everyone else).

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"After listening to the 5 Marketing Strategies for Sales Reps with Limited Marketing Support episode, I had our intern listen to it. He created a plan for sales to implement Vicki's 5 marketing strategies recommendation. This is a podcast I can always find value and actionable take-aways that help our marketing and sales efforts." ~Matt Meredith, VP Business Development, M+A Matting




Ep 36: Cross references to other resources