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A podcast for marketing, sales and business professionals whose business has hit a 'plateau' and want to 'grow'.

The Connect the Dots podcast is hosted by Vicki O'Neill a 25-year marketing and sales leader who founded KenKay Marketing in 2011. She provides tips, tools and actionable strategies in solo episodes as well as guest episodes that will help business leaders like YOU with challenges - regardless of your niche or industry.

Each episode - and any supporting documents - are included on the individual episode show notes. Click the link of an episode that sounds helpful to get started and then subscribe on your favorite platform (or my email if you'd rather be notified a day ahead of the podcast being notified to everyone else).

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"After listening to the 5 Marketing Strategies for Sales Reps with Limited Marketing Support episode, I had our intern listen to it. He created a plan for sales to implement Vicki's 5 marketing strategies recommendation. This is a podcast I can always find value and actionable take-aways that help our marketing and sales efforts." ~Matt Meredith, VP Business Development, M+A Matting




Ep 36: Cross references to other resources