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Small YouTuber Analytics

Being on YouTube and showing up consistently requires one thing:  Getting Started. I review my dashboard and statistics I monitor to monitor what's working and what's not. PLUS I review 7 steps for anyone to get started on YouTube.




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In this week's video I review my small YouTube channel analytics plus 7 steps to help you get started on YouTube.


I take you behind the scenes and show you my analytics since I started being consistent with video uploads in July 2020.


I also review the 3 things you MUST watch with each YouTube video if you want to grow and monetize your channel.


The 7 steps I review are MUST DO's for anyone who wants to get started on YouTube.


Make it easy for yourself and get an understanding of what to expect as well as what to do to get started today.


Ask yourself: Do I want to be in this SAME place next year at this time OR do I want to look back and say I MADE IT HAPPEN? If it's the latter, TODAY IS THE DAY. Your time is now. Let's do this!


The link to the VIDEO MASTERCLASS I mention is free access via the following link:

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