Connect the Dots    between

Marketing and Sales

Ideal Customers + Effective Marketing = More Sales

which one describes you? 

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"Vicki, how can you help me now?"

Marketing & Sales Strategy Development 

Your sales results are BLAH and you need it to be at MAXIMUM capacity - like ROCK STAR capacity.

But how do you get both teams to work from ONE strategy? And how do you create leads that marketing AND sales accept as high quality?

We work on the right criteria for MQL and SQL then develop a strategy focused on achieving your business goals + accountability of both teams for results.

Go-To-Market Implementation

You need to increase sales - and create NEW customers you enjoy working with.

But how do you find these new customers? How do you know how to get their attention? Or know where they spend time online?

I conduct in-depth interviews with your customers, your prospects, your sales team to identify the pain points then develop a strategy to address the pain points.

Sales Process and Accountability

Your results are best when there's alignment across marketing and sales. Just say NO to finger pointing.

But how do you get quality leads? How about consistent content across the board? And how can you get better results?

I evaluate the internal marketing and sales team structure, identify gaps, create a marketing and sales process that keeps everyone involved accountable for results.

Connecting these Marketing and Sales Dots will drive profitable growth....guaranteed!

Hi! I'm Vicki.

I work with start ups, small and mid-size businesses that need marketing or sales expertise and don't have the budget for a full-time employee. 

(Think lower overhead, better ROI for you compared to hiring a big consultant or agency.)

I'm committed to you and your goals. If I don't perform, we both fail and that's not good for business. I will see it through because it's "my business" to do so.


No risk. I have a Money Back Guarantee. If I don't deliver the results we agree on, I'll refund your investment. Period.

Ways We Can Work Together

Long term

Projects longer than 3 months or if you need a temporary full time marketing leader without the full time expense of an employee.


Short term

Projects less than 3 months including daily, Marketing substitute while someone is on vacation, on leave or until a new person is hired to keep your marketing progressing toward goals.


I guide your team toward a goal by working collaboratively with all involved. I create a plan and involve the various levels and departments to ensure a timely and successful deliverable. 


I train new marketing and sales employees, train existing employees who take on new marketing or sales responsibilities and need an action plan to get them up-to-speed quickly.


Share my expertise in marketing and/or sales with leaders in your organization. This can be short-term or long-term based on your needs.  

Accountability Partner

I work with you to set up a plan with detailed action items, deliverable dates and work with you on a "no excuses" process to achieve your goals. We break down the steps as much as you need in order to take that first step - that's all it takes to get started. I'll be your biggest cheerleader and your toughest coach. So be ready to commit if you want me to hold you accountable!

"Vicki demonstrates professionalism in every aspect. She is driven, creative and genuinely cares about team atmosphere. Vicki focuses on the main goal: to take care of clients."   Shawn Maiorino

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