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I take                       entrepreneurs, coaches, and small business owners from best-kept-secret to more visibility that turns into bigger opportunities. 

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Hi. I'm Vicki. 

I am the Founder and CEO of KenKay Marketing. I empower 6- and 7- figure, ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, and business owners to become confident on camera so they can scale their business by being seen and heard more..

I have over two decades of business, marketing and sales experience with nationally recognized brands, mid-size companies and growth startups in various industries. In 2019 I started focusing on confidence building and video when  the number of conversations I was having about the fear of getting on camera kept increasing. I've "been there, done that" and being part of my client transformations and journey is an honor to witness. 

The inspiration behind starting KenKay and the names behind the brand are my two daughters, Kendra and Kayla. 

Featured in:

"I had not achieved much success in creating YouTube Shorts. I followed Vicki's advice on how to create compelling short form videos. The first one I made had more views and likes than the lousy ones I did in the past!"

Christine Harrington, The Savvy Sales Lady

Selfie Video Recording

Video is your 24/7 sales person. It's the quickest way to increase your brand visibility, leads and sales. 

Viewers retain 95% of a message when watched in video.
79% of consumers made a purchase after watching a video.

The FEAR of being on camera is R-E-A-L.
Grab my 15 tips to help you gain confidence and squash the fear. 

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Heather Langton, Construction Operations Specialist

Vicki's workshops have helped me to become much more comfortable on video and I've posted so much more since working with her. Thank you for the guidance and for helping me with my video confidence!

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David Mattox, Roof Restoration Specialist

Vicki is my go-to for all things related to video content. She is extremely knowledgeable and accessible and it is always a pleasure to work with her! I regularly bounce video ideas off of her and she, without fail, responds promptly and has great insight every time. Absolutely love having Vicki as my main video content resource and have no reservations in recommending her!

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Juana Poareo, Accessibility Consultant and Advocate

Vicki is an incredible marketer! I'm not a fan of being on video but her presentation and the points she made convinced me that I need to get my butt in gear when it comes to video content creation. Her challenge arrived at the perfect time because I had no strategy in place for video. Vicki leaves no room for excuses. I plan to work with her more to solidify my video creation process. If you're floundering like I was, then hire Vicki -- she's down to earth, approachable and just a lovely person to talk with.

"Vicki's help with video increased our blog traffic by 511%!"

"The video series Vicki and her team did for our agency increased our blog traffic 511% - and we already had good traffic!"

~ Lisa Lickert, President EMI Network

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