to small business owners 

               Expertise you need

          at a cost you can afford.

Let me be your marketing and customer experience resource

so you can focus on your business.



A fractional CMO handles all of your marketing from leading the team to managing partner relationships - and anything in between.


Have an experienced, diverse and creative strategic thinker leading your marketing strategy. Have a fractional CMO join your team.


You don't need a full-time Marketing leader on staff all the time. Hire for what you need, when you need it to reduce costs and increase profits. 


Listening and asking relevant questions to best understand your needs before creating a strategy and assigning actions.


I'm helping anyone with their business and marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. I'm offering free 30 minute remote strategy sessions to anyone interested. Click here to schedule.

Hi! I'm Vicki.

I work with small business owners and leaders who need marketing help, want to increase sales and retain customers longer BUT don't have the budget for a full-time employee. Fractional is part-time which is perfect for budget strapped businesses.

(Think lower overhead, better ROI compared to hiring a big consultant or agency.)

I'm committed to you and your goals. If I don't perform, we both fail and that's not good for business. I will see it through because it's "my business" to do so.


No risk. I have a Money Back Guarantee. If I don't deliver the results we agree on, I'll refund your money. Period.

 7 Ways We Can Work Together


These are highly focused and therefore highly productive. Let me know ahead of time what we are chatting about faster than you can say 'I could stick my head up a bull's a** but I'd rather take the butcher's word for it.' Interested? Click here and let's get you on the calendar!


This is PERFECT for those little projects you know you NEED to do for the business, are going to take MORE time than you care to invest and you have ZERO interest in actually doing them. I'm thinking email sequences, a couple of blog posts orrrrrrrrrr an online audit with a list of next steps? Let me know here.


Projects less than 3 months including daily, temporary while someone is on vacation, on leave or until a new person is hired and keep your marketing moving toward the goals. Need to knock out a email sequencing? How about a couple of blog posts? Check out my 8-hour day project


Projects longer than 3 months or if you need a temporary full-time marketing leader without the full-time expense of an employee.



I guide your team toward a goal by working collaboratively with you and/or a cross-functional team. I create a plan and involve the various departments to ensure a timely and successful deliverable. Does this sound like what you need? Let's chat and find out!


Share my expertise in marketing with your leaders. I consult, train and create action items to ensure your investment in me gives you a return that keeps on giving. ('Give a woman a fish, she eats for a day. Teach a women to fish she'll eat for a lifetime.' And she'll also be able to teach others to fish making her entire 'school' the best it can be.) This can be on a short or long-term basis, determined by the outcome of our initial call.  


I work with you to set up a plan with detailed action items, deliverable dates and work with you on a "no excuses" process to achieve your goals. We break down the steps as much as you need in order to take that first step - that's all it takes to get started. I'll be your biggest cheerleader and your toughest coach. So be ready to commit if you want to make that goal a reality!

"Vicki demonstrates professionalism in every aspect. She is driven, creative and genuinely cares about team atmosphere. Vicki focuses on the main goal: to take care of clients."   Shawn Maiorino

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