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Calling All Business Owners, Realtors and Entrepreneurs Who Want to Scale an Undeniable, Competition-Crushing, Stand-Out Brand!




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557 Nothing-Left-Out New Way Video Blueprint That Takes You From Fearful & Frustrated to Confident with Clarity 

(without spending a ton of time or hiring employees)

What if You Could Create a Year's Worth of Video Scripts in Your Brand Voice in Less Than an Hour?

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Whether you're new to video or need some help moving to the next level, I'm confident Vicki can help you.

Steve Leslie.jpeg

Vicki is a wealth of knowledge, and provided so many valuable examples and ideas throughout, because she's in that space every single day.

~Kerry Doyle

~Steve Leslie

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I had never heard of Vicki before but I was so impressed with her that I decided to enroll on the spot. After just over a week, I'm all set to make a video that will be engaging and help me grow my online business.

~Jane Rosenblum

You've tried creating videos on your own -- but it's too frustrating. 

You've invested in other programs -- which made you feel more confused and lost than ever.

You've hired someone to create videos for you -- but the videos never really sound like you.

You try to get on camera -- but the fear is overwhelming so you push it off another day. 

You spend WAY too much time creating one 15-second video -- and decide it's not worth it.

Sound familiar?

Let me show you how to get rid of ALL the frustration and confidently make consistent videos that grow your business -- once and for all.

How is it possible for ALL those Influencers??

The answer is not spending days creating. The answer is leveraging the power of innovation, AI and tools like ChatGPT. 

I've UNLOCKED how they make it happen so that you can, too. 

What if...

  • You had the confidence to put yourself out there and get on camera?

  • All your content marketing was laid out for you over the next 12 months?

  • Your content library consisted of all the video topics you needed to get more high paying clients faster

  • You are like all those influencers able to create SO much incredible video content SO consistently and quickly while running your business and doing all the other things? 

It's time for you to stop procrastinating and get on video.

Vicki O'Neill here...

Back up to 2011 real quick...

When I first decided I wanted to start making videos for my business, I had no idea what I was doing. And I had no idea how hard it would be. 

After multiple attempts of showing up on camera - that only ended up being failed videos and what I can remember of wanting to throw my computer against the wall - I finally realized something...I didn't have a game plan.

I was practicing. I was scripting, I was positioning the camera, I was setting up my background, I was paying attention to the lighting - it "seemed" like I was doing all the right things. 

That's when I realized it - I wasn't "all in" on video. And I knew I needed to be.

It was time to make it real. It was time to take action. And time to quit making excuses. 

That's what I've been doing ever since. 

Today, I'm confident, consistently showing up, getting seen more and (most importantly) getting more sales than ever before. 

So, how did I do it? What was it that I finally figured out that I needed?

Ahhhhh and THIS is exactly why you're here. I'm about to share it with you on this page. 

Before and After YouTube Thumbnail 111623.png
Before and After YouTube Thumbnail 111623.png

The Video Acceleration Vault


557 Resources To Confidently Launch Your Video Content Strategy ASAP

  • Video Planning Guide

  • Get to Know You Business Questions Prompt

  • Dream Buyer Prompt

  • 6 Persona Micro-Segments Prompt

  • Confidence Video

  • 19 Confidence Tips Checklist

  • High-Converting Instagram Reel Prompts

  • 100 Video Topics to Create Brand Awareness

  • 100 Video Topics to Create Engagement

  • 100 Video Topics to Generate Leads

  • 100 Video Topics to Get More Sales

  • 50 Influencer Proven-to-Work Hooks

  • 50 Influencer Proven-to-Work CTAs

  • High-Converting TikTok Prompts

  • Video Content in Your Brand Voice Prompt

  • Uncover Your Tagline & UVP

  • Goals, KPIs & Content Performance Tracker

  • Content Matrix to Fill 90-Day Calendar

  • All-Inclusive Video Script Outline

  • 12 Months of Video Topics Using Google

  • High-Converting YouTube Shorts Prompts

All of THAT for $17 Sounds Ridiculous, I Know. 

Juana Poareo Photo.jpeg

Vicki is an incredible video marketer! I'm not a fan of being on video but her presentation and the points she made convinced me that I need to get my butt in gear when it comes to video content creation. 

Heather Langton photo.jpeg

Vicki's helped me become much more comfortable on video and I've posted so much more since working with her. Thank you for the guidance and for helping me with my video confidence!

Gehan G Haridy-Ardanowski.PNG

As someone not brand new to video but new enough in wanting to learn and improve technique, I found Vicki's instructional style to be informative, easy to follow and fun.

~Juana Poareo

~Heather Langton

~Gehan "G" Haridy-Ardanowski

Prove to yourself, once and for all, that you are committed to getting on video. Right here, right now.

Here's what you'll get in the Video Acceleration Vault:

​Confidence on Camera ​Pro Tips

  • Show up confidently on camera even if you aren't ready yet. Transition into the on-camera presence you want with my pro tips to guide you every step of the way.​

    Video Planning Guide
  • I'm giving you my entire process from planning and recording to editing and repurposing. It's all in here organized so you can get started the moment you open it.​

    Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • I share all the secrets behind how I get ChatGPT to know me, my business, my brand voice, my target audience so that you have the foundation needed to quickly get video titles and scripts that sound like you wrote them yourself.

    Video Script Layout

  • The magic is revealed in this video script layout that I've studied from top influencers on YouTube and social media - and am sharing it with you​ so that you can sound like a pro from your first video. 

    Recording tips and best practices 

  • I share with you the most ​flattering angle, lighting, audio and overall setup for making your first video look like a pro did it.

    SEO-Friendly Video Titles
  • You receive the secret sauce behind how to create those titles that make you go "How did they come up with that title?"

David Mattox Original.jpeg

Vicki is my go-to for all things related to video content. She is extremely knowledgeable and accessible and it is always a pleasure to work with her! Absolutely love having Vicki as my main video content resource and have no reservations in recommending her!

Sylwia photo.PNG

Just finished recording my videos. Phew! I know it wouldn't be possible without Vicki. Doing the videos was usually hard for me as I gave way to all kinds of excuses - no time, feeling overwhelmed, having no topic. Well, that's history now!

~Sylwia Biczyk

Lisa Lickert video series testimonial_edited.jpg

Video increased our blog traffic by 511% and we already had good traffic!

~Lisa Lickert

~David Mattox


STEP 1 >> CONFIDENCE ON CAMERA                                            

If you've created videos but never actually been on camera, this is what you need to get on camera.

This is the #1 thing you need to NAIL when you create videos for your business. Showing your confidence on camera is a MUST to being successful in your business.

You can't 'wing it' because, let's face it, people know that's what 's really happening. 

I get on video and walk you through 19 ways for you to start getting confidence as soon as you decide to. 

What if you're already confident on camera? Then you can just start with Step 2 which is PLANNING

Video Planning Guide-Automotive.png

STEP 2 >> PLANNING YOUR VIDEOS                                         

The Planning step is THE MOST important step in your overall video content strategy. 

When you invest time in researching topics that your ideal customers are searching for right now, then create titles and scripts that capture their attention from the second they see your name, that's when time is well invested. 

The Video Acceleration Vault makes this step super simple for you as every step you need is explained, walked-through and you have a guide to complete each step along the way.

This program will help set you up for being seen in every step in your buyer's journey. 

STEP 3 >> RECORDING BEST PRACTICES                                  

"Just press record" doesn't work for the majority of people who have been holding back with showing up on camera confidently. 

This is why I give you a list of tips and walk you through best practices so that you know what you need in order to record your videos brilliantly. 

What I include is lighting, audio, video, background and angle. I also walk you through the use of a teleprompter whether you might consider using one on your phone or desktop. 

You are setup for success from the moment you first press record no matter if you're just getting started or you've started creating videos but haven't been consistent. 


STEP 4 >> CELEBRATE                                                                  

You've accomplished the hardest part of creating videos - so it's time to celebrate!!

With each step in your video journey, celebrate each win.

Your wins can be getting on camera for the first time or recording your first video or making a plan.

Whatever you do make time to celebrate! 

These are the moments that matter most when you want to make video content for years to come. 


I need to make sure you're not missing what's going on here...

This is NOT an online course about creating videos.

This is NOT about teaching you things. 

This IS a vault of 100% usable, copy and paste, NOTHING-LEFT-OUT resources. 


Goals, KPIs and Tracking Sheet: $197

Video Planning Guide:  $297

Confidence Pro Tips and Video:  $249

AI Prompts:  $249

12 Months of Video Topics:  $147

Video Script Outline:  $47

50 Influencer Hooks:  $147

50 Influencer CTAs: $147

Video Tutorials:  $447

TOTAL VALUE:  $1,927

Today's Price:  $297



At any point over the next 7 days, you feel that this $17 was not the best money you could have ever spent to save you time, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm and procrastination...

I will refund your money.

All I ask is that you give me an honest effort. 

How is that for fair?

Are you ready to STAND OUT in the sea of sameness - and DOMINATE your space?



P.S. ​If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was...for just $297, you're getting the Video Acceleration Vault of 557 nothing-left-out resources, copy and paste prompts and step-by-step tutorials and guides to get you confidently on camera creating consistent video content for the next 12 months...without spending time, energy and money researching and preparing for days!

This is EVERYTHING responsible for my confidence and video content strategy. 

See you inside the Video Acceleration Vault!

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