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Episode 98:  Marketing Qualified Lead & Sales Qualified Lead

Show Notes and Related Links 

Whether you're a one person business or a company with separate marketing and sales teams, the most successful companies have criteria that identifies who the most profitable and ideal customers are for marketing and sales to nurture the journey for prospects.


In this episode, I review why it's important for marketing and sales to align on establishing ideal customer criteria as well as questions the teams need to ask to identify the most profitable criteria. 


Every company is unique so it's important to understand your company goals and team objectives in order to understand who your customers are and how you can best serve them. 


Here's how you can start:  

6 questions to ask your team and start the QL criteria process:

  1. What action did they take to engage with someone at our company?

  2. How often have they engaged with someone at our company?

  3. Where did they first connect with us (outbound, inbound, social, chat, event, etc.)

  4. What content or event did they engage with (webinar, demo, share or comment on a video, etc.

  5. What questions were they asking (stage of problem solving they were in)?

  6. Who is the person connecting with us (what level are they, decision maker, just curious, etc.)

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