Schedule Your Marketing Breakthrough Session 

A one-hour free conversation for powerful, results-driven marketing strategies for take-action B2B business leaders who embrace change.

Together, we'll identify the root problem and create a clear plan focused on achieving your business goals.

Who this IS for:

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs and senior leaders

  • Cash flow positive and in business at least 3 years

  • Positive mindset; embrace change

  • Want to create new revenue and more customers

  • Crave clarity and consistency 

  • Value relationships and genuine openness to outside help 

Who this IS NOT for:

  • Naysayers, negative mindsets

  • Brand new businesses

  • Don't understand how business works

  • Don't see the value in marketing 

  • Do not have the budget or resources to achieve desired results

  • Believe "this is the way we've always done it" is acceptable  

What you can expect once your application is accepted:

  • I send you a link to the email in the form so we can coordinate calendars

  • You pick a date and time that works best for you

  • I send a Zoom link with the date and time confirmation email

What you can expect on our 1:1 call:

  • Clarity on what the problem is and how to correct it

  • 100% focus on you and achieving your goals

  • Positive, encouraging, supportive and action oriented mindset from Vicki

  • A plan with step-by-step activities

  • Commitment from you to take action as agreed upon in the conversation

Are you ready to invest in YOU?

Sherri Lally

Inventor of user-friendly products for the Construction Industry

Steve Dines

Personal Transformation Workshop Facilitator

Katherine Ledger

Business Storyteller & Content Marketer

"I had a great hour long chat with Vicki. Her suggestions and observations were very valuable with my business strategy. I asked questions, she listened and shared ideas based on what I wanted to accomplish. My goals may not fit into the same mold as every other business on the same path. A tailored approach is importance since I'm not a cut and paste type of person, and neither is my creative process. 

Often times, the plans we have need a second set of eyes to validate but also fine tune the target dates. If you have an hour, day or week, set up your consultation and learn."

"Having got 'stuck' on the journey towards my immediate objectives, I reached out to Vicki for a free consultation phone call...and so pleased I did!

Vicki listened to my situation, then asked a few pertinent questions. Her advice is genuine and heartfelt - in short, Vicki has a great deal of wisdom for us entrepreneurial types. 

If you get stuck with anything progress related on your journey, book a call with Vicki."

"I contacted Vicki when I was extremely frustrated trying to sort out the out-of-sync captions in my video series I urgently wanted to upload to YouTube. I also needed a lovely banner. She calmly took the whole problem away from me and the results look stunning. She also gave me great advice on a lead magnet. 

I love everything about Vicki, one of the kindest, warmest, most authentic and talented marketers I have been fortunate to meet. She understands the relationship between marketing, sales and service. Anyone who wants to grow their business strategically and profitably with insightful, creative and attentive sales and marketing, should absolutely contact Vicki. Highly recommend."

Thank you for the potential opportunity to talk with you!