Most common ways we can work together: 

 DIY Online Course 

Create MORE sales with BETTER marketing. 

  • uncover your uniqueness so you can use it in your marketing message

  • create higher quality leads by defining your ideal customer so you have a higher change of conversion

  • conduct a content audit so you can better understand the gaps in the customer journey (and how to fill it in)

    This is for you IF you're:

  • tired of repeating the same marketing and social media efforts that don't get you paying customers

  • ready to make this YOUR year for a change in your business 

  • watching your budget get depleted with paid ads and STILL aren't achieving your goals 

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Quick Fix

An hour packed consultation, we focus 100% on making it highly productive for YOU.


With information you send ahead of time, I do my research and focus on achieving your goal.

You leave with clarity and actions to help you overcome the obstacle or achieve your goal.

Past requests include:

  • how to market during COVID-19

  • new revenue ideas

  • how to transition to online

  • growth marketing strategies

  • create an action plan

  • how to align remote teams

Only $199, I guarantee you will be satisfied or I'll refund your money. Click here to get started.

Done-For-You Project

Evaluate data and marketing to:


  • create more effective marketing strategies

  • evaluate lead generation process to find ways increase quality and conversion

  • review campaigns and ROI

  • develop email campaign templates and cadences

  • conduct research on industry and competitors

  • develop a content strategy

Your marketing expertise for a project to help get you moving in the right direction and help you achieve your next level of success. 

Click here to see how I've helped others like you and to get started. My Done-For-You Project rate starts at $1,099.

Your Marketing Leader

Marketing leadership when you need full-time support but don't want the full-time commitment. I help:

  • lead in-house marketing teams

  • analyze results and develop growth strategies,

  • evaluate and manage marketing budgets to drive more bottom line results and

  • map customer journeys for relevant content at various touch points

  • map internal marketing and sales processes to identify gaps and efficiencies

  • serve as the liaison between in-house team and partner relationships

Pricing is based on the request. Click here and tell me more about what you need and I'll provide pricing specific to your request. 


If any of these are familiar, you're in the right place.

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"I had to do a 180° since COVID and I'm  struggling with how to get revenue online now."

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"I've invested a lot of time connecting with people online but all I hear is crickets."

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"With all the COVID changes, I can barely keep my business running. I don't have time to find new business but we need more customers to survive. And I don't have a clue where to start."

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"I have a marketing plan but the leads aren't creating more revenue. What should I do?"

If you said 'YES' to any of these, I can help. Schedule your Marketing Breakthrough session now.

"Vicki went above and beyond on her strategy. She is also holding me accountable to keep things moving."

"Kudos! The pride you take in your work is truly inspiring. #GoingAboveAndBeyond. Every coach has a coach. I hired Vicki to bring fresh eyes to our Reset project. She went above and beyond in her strategy and content calendar. She is also holding me accountable for follow-up items to keep things moving. Grateful for you, Vicki!." ~ Kendra Ramirez, Founder of Reset

Team Meeting

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"Vicki always comes to mind because her Marketing and Sales strategies are relevant and helpful for attracting new customers."

"I most recently received Marketing advice from Vicki for a new product I'm associated with. When I need help on marketing ideas, Vicki always comes to mind because her marketing and sales strategies are relevant and helpful for attracting new customers. I would recommend Vicki's company to any company looking for a talented marketer to help them with up-to-date salesd and marketing strategies to grow their business." ~ Doug Barnes, Vice President, Servisell