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Guest, Ande Lyons

Ande Lyons, StartUp Life LIVE and 4x StartUp Founder joined me as a guest this week on Connect the Dots. Ande shares her startup journey, learnings along the way and the gap she identified in the startup world that needed attention - and she's giving it the much needed attention all founders, startups and entrepreneurs need  to start and grow a successful, profitable business.




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In this week's podcast episode I asked Ande Lyons, 4x founder and StartUp Life LIVE host to join me.


Ande and I share similar passions when it comes to starting and growing a profitable business as well as helping others achieve their goals then celebrating with them when they do.

This conversation was no different. Ande shares the ups and downs of her 4 businesses, what most founders don't know (but should!) when they start a business and how she's tapped into a much needed gap in the startup world. 

Ande has guests from around the world and in all types of backgrounds and areas of expertise on her 2x week live stream show, StartUp Life LIVE with Ande Lyons. You can see our conversation when I was on her show here

Ande is a true inspiration with her Andelicious advice and sharing her experiences with us all. 

If you've started a business but don't know how to grow it or are thinking about starting a business, this is an episode you won't want to miss. 

Connect with Ande here:




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