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Why YouTube is SO Hard

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Why YouTube is so hard and what you can do about it is a topic I've been wanting to share with you because the struggle is real.


I've been there. I'm still on my journey to reach my YouTube goal. 


I posted a poll on YouTube (I gained the Community tab at the end of 2021 - when I reached 500 subscribers - which granted me access to share content via a post in the feed) and asked the question "Why is YouTube SO hard?"


The top response of the 5 provided surprised me.


The #2 response is what I thought would be #1. I focused on the #2 because in the past that's what most people have told me.

The two reasons most people don't start creating videos for YouTube is 1) negative mindset (repetitively telling oneself that you 'can't' do it) and 2) lack of time to create consistently. 

I review why passion, being in love with the process and being 'OKAY' with clicking PUBLISH for the world to see (literally) is normal to hesitate and worry with that final click. 

I go into detail on each of these items. If you're interested in knowing more, the podcast episode AND Youtube video are literally a click away.

What questions do you have? The resource I mentioned can be downloaded by clicking the below button.

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