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Episode 84: Megan Heuer, Principal at HeuerB2B

Former analyst and head of research at SiriusDecisions, a B2B research and advisory company

Show Notes:

Megan Heuer is founder of Heuer B2B, an independent consultancy that she leads with the tagline: "We help companies win more business of the want and keep more business they won" and an emphasis on the 'keep more business they won' part. She's spent over a decade in research at Sirius Decisions helping different companies identify what they don't need to do so they can focus more on what they need to do because of early quantitative data. 

Marketing is about winning a customer, keeping that customer and turning them into a raving fan. 

5 Pro Tips for How Marketing Can Contribute to Customer Retention:

1- "Re-negotiate your contract" with other department stakeholders on how to influence revenue

2- Onboarding: content, engagement, create an experience that continues nurturing the relationship

3- Set customers up for success from the onstart: case study numbers, before and after with tracking

4- Advocacy programs: leverage other customers experiences, include in various marketing efforts

5- Ongoing How-To's: information that's helpful for customers to know and create content


How Megan helps clients Connect the Dots:

Marketing aligned with sales and customer success, you are getting the most value out of the skills and investment of your marketing team pre- and post sale, to make sure you're reaching pipeline goal, revenue goal, cross sell and upsell goal, retention goal and profitability goal. Getting marketing involved and held accountable for a portion of each of those is Connecting the dots and closing the loop. 


Mark Schaefer and his book Marketing Rebellion:  6:39

Stew Leonard's Grocery Store Chain: 6:59

Amy Bills, SeriousDecisions: 8:10


Megan Heuer is a growth leader with more than 20 years in B2B industry and professional services roles. She's passionate about delivering growth through exceptional customer experiences, pre- and post-sale and believes in the power of marketing and sales working together to deliver those experiences. Personal mission: Deliver measurable impact through emotionally intelligent leadership. Recovering industry analyst.

From her work with innovative companies and thought leaders throughout her career, she knows first-hand how new ideas, technologies, and well-managed change can combine to improve business results. From working both in and for a wide range of companies - from Fortune 500 to venture-backed start-ups - she also knows the day-to-day demands on B2B leaders that make change difficult. Opportunity exists at the intersection of innovation and get-it-done reality.

Prior to her role as VP, Marketing at Engagio, she led the Research and Advisory team at SiriusDecisions (acquired by Forrester in 2019), including more than 80 analysts and editorial professionals. While at SiriusDecisions, she founded the Account-based service, and led the Marketing Operations service. Before joining SiriusDecisions, she held consulting roles at Gartner, Satmetrix and The Peppers and Rogers Group, as well as sales and marketing practitioner roles in the technology, business services and industrial supply and manufacturing industries.

Megan left the corporate world and started HeuerB2B, a B2B Customer-Led Company. 

To connect with Megan:


LinkedIn: Megan Heuer

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Vicki O'Neill is a fractional CMO in Ohio with 20+ years of marketing and sales leadership experience. In 2011, she founded KenKay Marketing, a marketing solutions company as a side gig. She went full-time in March 2018 after being let go from her corporate job. Vicki hosts Connect the Dots a marketing and customer journey educational podcast for savvy business leaders who want to grow their business. She also launched with her 2 Gen Z daughters The Power of 3X podcast as a resource to help individuals understand the youngest consumer group. You will find Vicki on social media platforms, mostly on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel for her weekly LIVE show The Marketing Stream on various business related topics. 

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