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Episode 10: 

8 Critical Success Factors for a Killer Marketing and Sales Strategy 

From this episode:

"Instead of interrupting, work on attracting." ~ Dharmesh Shah

"Marketing is a contest for people's attention." ~ Seth Godin

By including Sales into Mr. Godin's quote, I expand on his quote to include "...and with the right approach you can win it."

These quotes are thought provoking. And were the key drivers to this week's episode on discussing the 8 Critical Success Factors for a Marketing and Sales Strategy.  

There are 8 Critical Success Factors I outline in this week's Podcast. Those are:

  1. List and define goals

  2. Determine your target audience

  3. Identify where your target audience is spending time

  4. Create a consistent message to use across all platforms

  5. Find and create relationships with micro-influencers

  6. Create ads that trigger an emotional response

  7. Assemble your team

  8. Incorporate Sales into your strategy from the beginning

I reviewed each of these in detail and give examples. Click the Connect the Dots Podcast image at the top of this page to access the 17 minute episode. 

3 take aways from this episode:

  1. Because Marketing is a contest for people's attention, create a compelling Marketing and Sales strategy that will win it. 

    • Involve Marketing and Sales from the beginning of the process

    • Align all Marketing and Sales goals to the business goals

  2. Know who and where your target audience is

    • Research and document​

    • Creating messaging that supports your goals while attracting your ideal persona 

  3. Establish guidelines, time frames and deliverables

    • Create your daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly tactics with deadlines, who's responsible and how it will be reported

    • Know how to trigger emotions by creating ads that promote action based on that emotion

Final thoughts:

Your marketing and sales strategy is only as good as the actions taken and the results those actions drive. Once your strategy is in place, reverse engineer it and see if you get to the same place you started. Are you driving the right behaviors internally that will drive the actions externally you need to achieve your business goals?

It's good practice to visit your marketing and sales strategy every month. In doing so, have your goals in hand and measure the results to determine if you're on track to achieve the goals you want. If you aren't on the right track, identify what's causing you to NOT move in the direction of achieving your goals and modify your plan so that you are. It's OK to bring in outside forces - a fresh perspective can't do harm but may uncover something so trivial that it may lead you to far exceeding your goals.    

If you have questions, send me a message or click the LIVE chat button and let's get you the answers you need.

As indicated, below are the links I mentioned I would provide in the Show Notes: 

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Show Notes:

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