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Episode 32: 

Janine Capaldi, Co-Founder of Capaldi Marketing

Show Notes:

About Janine

Janine is a qualified coach working with business owners and organizations to help them grow their business by generating leads and high value relationships using social media.

More specifically, using LinkedIn...

She's also one-half of Capaldi Marketing, a digital marketing agency -- the other half is her hubby Jamie Capaldi.

Janine's mission is to help people take advantage of the huge opportunity social media brings and to move away from the mentality of using social media just for the sake of using it. Otherwise, what's the point, right? 

Janine helps business leaders get results from investing in social media with intent to build relationships.

The majority of her clients - 75% actually - are generated from LinkedIn. She now teaches others how to get the same result through her coaching, online training and in-house workshops (plus, done-for-you services if that is what you are seeking).

Janine and LinkedIn

People are using LinkedIn in a whole different way now and are realizing the value it has when they get a new client. They realize that by being active, engaging and building relationships on LinkedIn helps their business. This is one of the things Janine and Jamie do through their business - help businesses understand the value of using LinkedIn to generate leads. 

Janine and Jamie look beyond LinkedIn as a social platform - it's more of a lead generation machine that you can build relationships on. For example, you can connect with someone who may not be your ideal client but someone that person is connected to is. The connection on LinkedIn makes connecting those people possible. There's a lot of power in that.

What are the Done-For-You services you provide?


The Done-For-You services include:

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation

  • LinkedIn Training

  • Training with Sales Teams

  • Video Production 

  • Consulting and Coaching Services

Business leaders can learn proper business development strategies and marketing strategies to help grow the business and manage their connections. LinkedIn is the vehicle in which they help people get to where they want to be.

LinkedIn LIVE and LIVE video

Janine plans on using LinkedIn LIVE once it becomes available to her in the UK. She can see many ways to help their clients and with their clients clients.

Janine and Jamie would like to use it for offering key training and taking the value they provide much deeper than what anyone can get from a static post. They can provide strategies and techniques or post questions which provides a much higher value than responding to comments on a static post.  

One thing people don't know about Capaldi Marketing that maybe your ICA doesn't know today:

Anybody is able to sell. When they know who their client is and when they know who their product and services serve, they can sell. Janine and Jamie can help them do that. It's the mindset and the way you approach it needs to be uncovered. Janine and Jamie aren't sales experts - and don't market themselves as such - but they are people who will help a business show their presence, establish their brand and generate leads for their business. 

Everything they are gearing the business up for is so they can naturally and very genuinely go through a sales process based on the relationship they have with someone.

They often don't communicate this service but the majority of their clients come out the other end and they understand they can do this now, they understand what was getting in the way and they are more equipped to move forward and be comfortable in selling. 

Three sources that you can't do without in your business:

1) LinkedIn

2) WiFi

3) Training or learning materials

My 3 take aways from my conversation with Janine:

  1. LinkedIn is a major platform for their B2B business in finding, developing and maintaining relationships which are key to generating new business and new relationships. 

  2. Consider the value of LIVE video whether it's on LinkedIn or any other platform - the value is greater when you engage with a live audience vs a static image or pre-recorded video.  

  3. Communication is key in any business relationship - whether you're husband and wife, partners or boss and employee. Set boundaries in the working relationship - and life if that's your situation - and stick with the agreed upon boundaries. That's how you create a great, prospering business. 

How Capaldi Marketing is Connecting the Dots between Marketing and Sales:  

Janine and Jamie are using the digital platforms like LinkedIn to connect their business expertise in marketing and sales as a conduit between them and their ideal clients. Finding the right conduit or platform to convey your message to the right audience is critical to any business success. When you have the right message and the best platform for getting that message to where your ideal clients are spending time, you drastically increase your chances to be seen which increases your opportunities to engage and build relationships. People do business with people so creating, developing and nurturing relationships is critical in keeping the dots connected once formed. Janine and Jamie do this and what is helping them grow their digital agency.  


On LinkedIn, create a post that includes the following:

1) Whether Janine and Jamie should pick a topic they disagree on and do a Live Video on it

2) If they should, what is a topic or two you'd like to hear from them discuss

3) Tag Janine @janine-capaldi and myself @vickioneill

Let's create a conversation that generates FUN and engagement!

Connect with Janine online

  1. LinkedIn Best place to find her daily!

  2. Visit the Capaldi Marketing website 

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