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Guest, Mark Struczewski

Mark's obsession is to help YOU become a more productive version of yourself. Do you struggle with getting stuff done? Do you wish you had more time in a day? Are you sick and tired of being interrupted constantly? If you said YES to any of these, this is a MUST LISTEN to episode. Join Mark Struczewski aka Mister Productivity and Vicki O'Neill host of Connect the Dots as they discuss all things productive and more.




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After engaging in a conversation on LinkedIn about how he was able to create SO much content each week, I knew I had to have him on my show.


In this week's podcast episode I asked Mark Struczewski, Mister Productivity, to join me.

Mark discusses his podcast (which has over 1,000 episodes!), letting go of perfectionism, the most common reason people reach out to him, HOW he creates ALL that content every week and his secret to maximizing productivity each and every day.  

He also talks about his biggest fear and how to best connect with him which you can access via the below links.

Connect with Mister Productivity aka Mark Struczewski here:



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