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This is Episode #147 of Connect the Dots.

I collaborated with Theresa Francomacaro Business Storyteller and Executive Coach. In part 2 of 5 Vicki does a marketing audit of Theresa's online presence.

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Connect the Dots Podcast hosted by Vicki O'Neill

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Episode #147 - Part 2 in a 5-Part Series with Theresa Francomacaro

Vicki O'Neill collaborates with Theresa Francomacaro in this episode of Connect the Dots. Theresa is a Seattle, Washington-based Business Storyteller and Executive Coach. In Part 2 of this series, Vicki conducts a marketing audit of the Why Story Works website and Theresa's LinkedIn Profile. The goal is to optimize both brands so Theresa can attract ideal clients to her October 14, 2022 event, Innovation Incubator.  

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If you prefer watching the interview, you can view the video here:

Show Notes

Part 1 was 'Rapport Opens the Door' which reviews the importance of building relationships in business including how Theresa and I met then lead to a two-year collaboration to this 5-part series.

This episode of the 5-part series is a Marketing Audit of Theresa Francomacaro's LinkedIn page and her the company she's the Chief Storyteller at, Why Story Works.


Theresa opens with the story of the wide mouth frog


The wide mouth frog is looking for advice for how to feed her baby.


She went to a dog and asked what she feeds her babies. The dog responds. 


She goes to a cow and asked the same thing "What do you feed your babies?" The cow answers.

Then finally she goes to a snake, "What do you feed your babies?" The snake answers then the frog responds. 

The point to this story: sometimes you’re looking for your tribe, and you go and seek it out to see who you can trust. You change who you are when you're around the snake but know you can’t trust the snake.

The 3 golden rules of story:  Be Real. Be Relevant. Be Brief.

It was hard for the wide mouth frog to talk to the snake because she didn’t trust her. Just like it takes our customers time to know, like and trust us before they'll buy.

That’s why Theresa has agreed to let Vicki do this marketing audit. Over time she's built the trust and is open to the feedback and opportunities for improvement. 

“You have to know your current state to get to your desired state. You have to know what’s in your arsenal to get to your desired state." ~Theresa Francomacaro


And she knows what she needs but she’s a storyteller.

Dreams without the right tools turn into nightmares.


Theresa's 3 business goals she's wanting to reach and reason she accepted this marketing audit to help:

  1. Getting people into her Oct 14 innovation incubator one-day in-person event (in the Seattle Washington area)

  2. Increase email subscribers

  3. Increase number of 1:1 coaching and consulting clients

<Vicki reviews Theresa's website and LinkedIn personal profile starts here.>

Trust builds relationship. So, what’s your story?

How to Contact and Work With Theresa:


LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Business Page 

First Podcast Appearance Ep #91

Part 1 in this series "Rapport Opens the Door"

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All episodes including the HIGHLIGHT episodes can be accessed by clicking the image to the left or below which was used for episodes 1-100. 

After episode 100 I needed to take time away from creating content for the podcast. When I resumed, I played 'catch up' in Q4 2021 by repurposing popular YouTube videos as podcast episodes. 

In January 2022, I simplified and structured my content creation so that my weekly video was my starting point for video, podcast and blog. It's SO much easier now with this process in place. This is part of what I coach established, savvy entrepreneurs and business owners on which saves them time, eases anxiety associated with 'what should I post today?' and actually creates MORE time in their schedules to focus on the things they love. You want to do the same in your business? 

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