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Episode 13: 

5 Ways Marketing and Sales Work Together to Increase Brand Awareness

From this episode:


Did you know....your brand is unfolding across ALL customer touch points?  

That's a good reason to make it consistent, right? 

It's important for brand consistency across all touch points - and it's more important to have the internal alignment, i.e. employees and/or brand ambassadors, before external communication, i.e. prospects and customers. 

There are many ways for marketing and sales to work together and even more opportunities to increase brand awareness. Here are 5 ways I chose to focus on during this episode:

  1. Paid ads

  2. Infographics

  3. Demos with free/exclusive offers

  4. Email Signatures

  5. Guest blogging/podcasting

3 take aways from this episode:

  1. Paid ads are controversial - yes, you can increase brand awareness without using paid ads but it's an option to consider

  2. Marketing and Sales can be included in all these options - just at different points along the path

  3. If you are going to implement demos, map out your process ahead of time to determine what type of demo you want - and have an amazing, "I can't refuse" offer that will get more people to attend and then try your offer

Final thoughts:

It's good practice to have marketing and sales involved in all initiatives. If you think about it, is there anything one is involved in that doesn't affect the other? I'm going to guess no.


When there's consistency across the board, especially with branding, it makes increasing brand awareness that much easier. And if the messaging is consistent whether it's coming from Marketing, Sales or customer service then the chances are higher for creating trust, getting more people aware of your brand and ultimately engaging with you on your products and services.  

Branding can only take you so far. But it's a great first step in letting your target audience know who you are, why you are in the business you're in and why they should choose you.

As mentioned in this episode, below are a couple of follow-ups I indicated I'd include in the Show Notes: 

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Show Notes:

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For creating amazing infographics and images:  Canva

Platforms to consider for increasing brand awareness:

Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Podcast, Guide/eBook, AdWords

Are there others that work for you? Send me a message via the CHAT button and I'll mention you on your platform of choice!

Do you have ave a separate Marketing and Sales team? Take this Marketing and Sales assessment to find out where to begin. 

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