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This is Episode #126 of Connect the Dots.

It's a HIGHLIGHT episode that reviews episodes #101 - #125. All links to each episode are below for you to review topics then click the link to go to the individual episode show notes. 

Connect the Dots Podcast hosted by Vicki O'Neill

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Episodes 101-125

#101: How to Use LINKEDIN for Marketing Your Business  

#102:  3 Marketing Strategies to Overcome Small Business Owner CHALLENGES

#103:  Achieving a Goal by OVERCOMING Unforeseen Challenges

#104:  Why Starting Video TODAY Will Be Your Best Decision This Year

#105:  5 Steps to an EFFECTIVE Marketing Strategy That Sets You Up for Success

#106:  Keep Your Audience Engaged When There's Uncontrollable ALGORITHM Changes

#107:  Marketing Mistakes You Need to Fix NOW to Attract More Quality LEADS

#108:  Connect with Your Audience on an EMOTIONAL Level

#109:  Why Marketers NEED to Have Video Editing Skills

#110:  Why YouTube is SO Hard (and What To Do About It)

#111:  Small YouTuber Analytics Since Consistently Uploading Videos in July 2020

#112:  Video Easy Peasy LinkedIn Marketer GILLIAN WHITNEY Joins Me as Guest

#113:  Content Marketing 101:  Guide to the Ultimate Strategy 

#114:  Content That Converts with LISA LICKERT, Owner and President of EMI Network

#115:  Create High-Converting Lead Magnets + Toolkit 

#116:  4x Founder and StartUp Life LIVE Show Host, ANDE LYONS, Joins Me as Guest

#117:  Start Creating Videos for Your Marketing with These TOPICS

#118:  Global LinkedIn Company Page Expert, MICHELLE J. RAYMOND, Joins Me as Guest

#119:  Should I LIVE Stream on Social Media? 3 Pros and 3 Cons from Vicki O'Neill's experiences

#120:  Why Start Creating Videos NOW:  Pros and Cons for Pre-Recording

#121:  5-Day Get Started with Video Challenge HIGHLIGHTS 

#122:  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, or AI, and Video Marketing 

#123:  Vanity Metrics ARE Important and Here's Why 

#124:  Mark Struczewski IS Mister Productivity and Joins Me as Guest

#125:  Video in the Sales Funnel and Customer Journey

#126:  HIGHLIGHTS from Episodes 101-125

Episodes 1-100

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All episodes including 1-100 can be accessed by clicking the image below that was used when the podcast was launched. 

After episode 100 I needed to take time away from creating content for the podcast. When I resumed, I played 'catch up' in Q4 2021 by repurposing popular YouTube videos as podcast episodes. 

In January 2022, I simplified and structured my content creation so that my weekly video was my starting point for video, podcast and blog. It's SO much easier now with this process in place. This is part of what I coach established, savvy entrepreneurs and business owners on which saves them time, eases anxiety associated with 'what should I post today?' and actually creates MORE time in their schedules to focus on the things they love. You want to do the same in your business? 

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