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Content Marketing Guide

In this episode I review the 4 pillars needed for an effective content marketing strategy, resources to get you started with creating your own eye-catching content for marketing, ideas for connecting the dots between online and offline content marketing as well as effective strategies that maximize your time, effort and budget in creating the best marketing content your target audience will love.




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How to use Content Marketing Strategies

To get more customers, more sales and grow your business


This is what I use with clients and what I use in my own business. In fact, I’m using this week's video to create my podcast episode for the week and my blog post – not to mention the social media posts I create to drive traffic back to the macro, or core, piece of content.

These tactics and strategies will work whether you’re just starting in marketing or you’re working with or in a multi-million dollar century old corporation.

Investing time to create longer form content provides an opportunity to repurpose that content into short form messages, quotes and images that can be shared in email, social media and in chat or groups like Slack. 

If you're a budget watcher or time keeper, you'll love repurposing content when you have a solid content marketing strategy in place. 

BTW - I have a free resource you may want to use that will help you create original content that you can repurpose forever and ever starting today. I even list the resources!

I use my 4-pillar approach which is the strategy I use in 30-day video bootcamp where I help people start creating videos and build momentum to longer form content that can be repurposed on any and all other platforms. 

Having pillars is important for developing high quality content that builds up to high quality of content.

The 4 pillars will give you the starting point you need to create high quality content that you can repurpose over and over.

With time, practice and patience, your skills will build over time. You'll love looking back at your original pieces and compare to how far you've come just like I did in my video where I showed one of my very first blog posts from February 2011. My content creation has improved a bit since then. I'd be worried if it didn't. 

Listen to the podcast or watch the video and let me know what part was most interesting to you. I'd love to hear from you!

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