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Why Create Videos?

In this episode of Connect the Dots, I review the pros and cons of pre recorded, or edited, videos.


While there are similarities between live streaming and pre recorded videos, it's important to also understand the differences so you can make sure you're focusing your video marketing efforts in the best places to connect with your ideal customers. 

Links and details are in the show notes.




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Should I live stream on social media to build my brand?

Why should you start creating videos, in particular pre-recorded videos vs live stream? In this episode I review the pros and cons of focusing on pre recorded videos.


To check out last week's video on the pros and cons of live streaming:


My 5-Day Video Challenge is going on this week. You can still register and get access to the recordings before I take down the videos. To access, you need to register!


I review:


Day 1: Overcoming mindset challenges with starting to create videos

Day 2: Tips to get started creating videos

Day 3: Creating consistency in marketing your videos

Day 4: Video for different social media platforms

Day 5: Topics to get you started making videos TODAY


Here's the link to register:

Listen to the podcast or watch the video and let me know if you'll be joining me by registering via the RED button below!

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