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Episode 64:   Part 2:  Creating Content to Post Online

Part 2 of a 3-part training guide for B2B business owners and marketing leaders

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Show Notes and Related Links 

In this 2nd part of a 3-part episode series, Vicki review how the importance of creating consistent content and posting where your ideal customers are online to create traction that leads to building your credibility so your audience can find you, get to know you, like you and build trust in order to buy from you.  

Give this episode a listen if any of these resonate with you: 

  • I have our social media profiles established and need content ideals

  • I have our social media profiles established and need a plan to create consistency

  • Our biggest competitors are attracting our customers: how can I keep and grow ours? 

20 Content Ideas I mentioned:

  1. What event will I be attending? – Post the reason you're attending, while you're there and key take aways after the event is over

  2. What blog posts do I have? Take snippets from a blog post to create an image using Canva

  3. What’s been going on in your industry? Create a post that links to the 3rd party source

  4. Talk about a technology or tool you use then post how you use it and the benefits to your customers (not you) – I use Thinkific for my online courses because it’s easy to use and gives you access to all my courses in one spot.

  5. Do a 5-day tip series – Subscribe to our email and receive a daily tip for 5 days on <content marketing>

  6. Interview someone – you don’t have to have a podcast to do this, you can create a one-off video to put on your website, build your YouTube channel subscribers, and create a blog post

  7. Create a top 10 blog posts from a reliable and helpful online source like Forbes or Entrepreneur

  8. Talk about your passions – record while walking, do a movie review, latest book you've read review, favorite actor/actress, how you like to spend your personal time and show examples

  9. Look at your reviews, post comments, feedback and any other forms of customer content that you can use in your posts (I wrote a blog post on that idea)

  10. Do a pros and cons post on a tool you use – like Canva

  11. If you’ve become an affiliate partner, talk about why

  12. Create an ‘other’s’ success post – people on your team, people you work with, people you appreciate like maybe those involved in the event you attended or people you interact with on a regular basis on LinkedIn

  13. Share other’s success – post about your employees who did something great, or even someone else in your industry that did something great, reached a milestone, etc.

  14. Tell your story – why you started your business

  15. Write about your biggest challenges and how you’re managing through them

  16. Tell about your failures, what you learned from them

  17. Share you biggest successes and include everyone who was involved in helping you achieve that success

  18. Create a fun challenge like a scavenger hunt (local or online or both)

  19. Post about a case study you did or a customer success story (before and after)

  20. Promote your solutions in a way that helps others see how you help them – that’s through value, solutions, other’s success who have used your products, etc. Make these few and far between though – you want to be seen as a go to leader in your space – not the selfish-all-about-me brand (no one likes those, btw).

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The 30-day content calendar

Episode 3: Creating Personas

Episode 62: Part 1 of this series:  You're on Social Media - Now What?

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