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Attention: Business Owners and Leaders!

You'd be a great Connect the Dots guest if you can share your successes, want on the spot coaching or you:

  • Have a success story that needs to be told

  • Use content to foster the customer journey

  • Struggle with consistent marketing strategies

  • Post content but it lacks engagement

  • Can't figure out why your customers churn

If you're ready, send me an email and let me know who you are and the topic you'd like to discuss (unless we've already discussed). 

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The Connect the Dots podcast helps business owners and leaders with Marketing, Sales and the customer journey. The purpose of each episode is to share actionable nuggets of information to help you with marketing and sales challenges.  

As a Guest:

You can be from any industry, have been working full time in your business for at least 5 years, have a staff of at least 5 employees and are ready to have an open discussion. 


I've been told I make my guests super comfortable and I'm easy to chat with so hopefully that helps! 

You can check out the Connect the Dots list to hear how I engage with guests. I encourage you to reach out and chat with any of them or listen to the episode to hear how we chat and get along through the conversation. 

If you've never been a guest on a podcast and aren't sure what to expect (some people want to be a guest but are really nervous), send me a message and we can chat about it before committing to it. 

If you're all in and want to know how to be the best podcast guest ever, check out this comprehensive guest check list my good buddy, John Espirian, from the UK created. John has been a guest on ~20 podcasts so he's familiar with the process and what it takes to be a great guest (and he is! He's been on my podcast 2x!)

Why I created Connect the Dots

Originally, I created the Connect the Dots podcast as a way to help entrepreneurs, small and mid-size business leaders  understand the importance of aligning Marketing and Sales teams.


Solo and guest episodes involved creating personas together, creating content together, pinpointing the pain points along the customer journey separately then coming together to solve those issues. While creating alignment between internal teams is always front of mind, focusing on specific areas is a great way to start. 

So that's why I​'m changing focus to the challenges business leaders face with marketing and and how to grow the business. 

My Goal with Connect the Dots

My ultimate goal and what I enjoy every day is helping people. I love strategy, brainstorming and problem solving. Leveraging my passion for marketing and how it's the true center of any business, is why I'm focusing on how solving today's small business marketing problems will help the masses - businesses of all sizes.

The purpose of this podcast is two-fold:

  1. To provide a platform to share stories, discuss and solve marketing problems as well as brainstorm new ideas that will help expand communities while making the business better, and

  2. To create interest and 'aha' moments for listeners that leads to improvements in their marketing and sales strategies, guiding their business to the next level. 

It’s my passion to help businesses take action, embrace their uniqueness and grow revenue. This starts with your marketing strategy. Connect the Dots will educate and inspire action along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What's the format?

Conversational Q&A on questions and topics agreed upon ahead of time or just a standard set of questions. You decide what works best for you. 

How is the interview conducted? 

I use Zoom and will provide a link to access once a date and time is confirmed. 

I don't know you that well, can we chat before I complete the form?

Of course! I use Zoom for these calls as well. To schedule time for our chat, use my ScheduleOnce calendar. This isn't required to be a guest but I want to make it available for anyone interested (or nervous because that's normal!)

Video and/or audio?

I record video as well to use as my video of the week on my YouTube channel which gives you even more exposure beyond the podcast platforms. 

Will the episode be edited?

It can be! But I prefer to leave it as is so it's authentic and as real as if we were live!


I do understand, however, that losing train of thought happens (I've done that before!) and edited that out so it's better for the listening audience is not a problem.

If you realize after we've recorded the episode that you said something that maybe shouldn't go public, I can remove it as long as it's before I start editing it. Most episodes are good 'as is'.

How long should I anticipate the interview to last?

Plan on 30-45 minutes there is no time limit. This just allows for tech problems, pre-start conversation and then as long as needed for the conversation.  

Can I provide something for listeners to take action on, download or use?

Yes! You can send a PDF to me to download from my site or send me the link to download from yours. It can also be a link for book pre-orders or a video tutorial on YouTube, etc. 

What do you do with the episode once it's ready to share with the world?  

  • I create separate page for your episode with your bio, episode link and any highlights that should be noted 

  • Links to your contact info, website, and any social platforms mentioned are included 

  • If you have a relevant to the topic downloadable doc that drives traffic to your main online presence I'm happy to include it in show notes on my website. 

  • Connect the Dots is distributed via Libsyn and all the major/popular podcast listening platforms. 

  • I promote on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook the week your podcast publishes. 

  • I provide you with 1-2 audio clips you can use on your website and/or on social media 

How do I see what other guest episodes are like?

Go to the Podcast page to see all episodes with links to each on my website (without subscribing to a platform)

Have a different question? Send me a message!


What are people saying about my podcast? Here's just a few....



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"Excellent slices of Marketing and Sales advice."

John Espirian, Relentlessly helpful technical copywriter

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Kmollion 5 star Review.PNG

Ande Lyons, StartUp Life

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Krista Mollion, The SASSY Method

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