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Episode 14: 

What Is Marketing and Sales Misalignment?

From this episode:


If I said there’s something triggering your business to lose 10% of its annual revenue – would you care? 

More importantly would you want to know 1) what the trigger is and 2) how you could fix it? 

I review examples of what Marketing and Sales Misalignment looks like and share ideas on how to create better alignment between Marketing and Sales by working together. 

Although there are a plethora of scenarios of how Marketing and Sales can be misaligned, the two examples I review are:

  1. Losing 10% of annual revenue and 50% of sales time is lost on prospects 

  2. Marketing leads being sent to Sales before they are sales ready

3 take away's from this episode:

  1. Every business is different and with that the alignment between marketing and sales varies 

  2. Whether you are a one-person marketing/sales team or have separate teams, if there's a gap you can fix it

  3. It's important to assess your marketing and sales efforts to identify any gaps between the two efforts - then create solutions that work for both teams

Final thoughts:

Misalignment isn't created intentionally. It usually happens over time. And you just don't realize it may exist in your organization. 

No one is to blame - so don't start pointing fingers!  Misalignment occurs with growth and with growth comes change in focus. While there may have been focus on these two efforts initially or at one time, it's almost impossible to keep focus on it ALL the time. 

So know it's OK and that this podcast exists to 1) help identify gaps and 2) connect the dots between the two by creating solutions that work for your business. 

As I mentioned in this episode, below are items I mentioned I'd include in the Show Notes. If you think of anything else you need, have questions or need to chat, I'm available. 

Click the Chat icon, complete a Contact Me form or reach out via your social platform of choice. I'm on all of them as @vickioneill except Facebook which is VickiONeillCom. 

Until next week, make this week great!

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Show Notes:

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Persona Creation:  Episode 3:  Marketing and Sales Creating Personas. Together

Lead Scoring Episode:  Episode 8:  Lead Scoring 101 - A simple How-To

Do you have ave a separate Marketing and Sales team? Take this Marketing and Sales Assessment to find out where to begin. 

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