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Episode 71:  Leave Vicki a Voice Message

Show Notes and Related Links 

Vicki reviews the challenges of marketing your business during and after down turns in the economy like COVID-19, a recession or similar situation.

It's May 5, 2020 and the world is starting to 're-open' a little at a time. What's being asked of you is ultimately to help you with your marketing. 

As a business owner, leave a voice message with your response to the following statement:

"The ONE thing I'm going to be doing differently to market my business because of COVID-19 is..."

What challenge did you realize you have, what 'aha' moment about brand awareness, what best practice are you going to put into place, what tips do you have for others, what hack did you discover, or what did you figure out you that you need to do with your marketing to have the greatest influence and impact on your 2020 revenue goals?

I'm going to include some of these responses in a future podcast episode. Do you want to be included? 

Here's what to do:

1. Craft a 60-second (max) message using the following format:


Hey Vicki, it's <your name> from <company> in <geography>. the ONE thing I'm going to do differently to market my business for the rest of 2020 because of COVID-19 is <tell me what it is>

2. Grab headphones and your laptop (recommended) to have the best audio quality for recording your message. 

3. Find a quiet area where you won't be disturbed then record!

NOTE: By recording a voice message, you're granting permission to use your message publicly.

THANK YOU for playing along and joining me in trying something new. I'm super excited to hear your voice and hear how you're gearing up for a better 2020. Don't forget to subscribe on your favorite platform Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and iHeartRadio

I mentioned the Pat Flynn Podcast webinar I attended before starting my podcast (he was super helpful!). Here's where you can access his information on how to start a podcast. 

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Vicki O'Neill is a fractional CMO in Ohio with over 20 years of marketing leadership experience. She founded KenKay Marketing, a marketing solutions company, in 2011. Vicki hosts Connect the Dots a marketing and sales educational podcast for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. She recently launched a new podcast, The Power of 3X, with her Gen Z daughters to give people a resource to learn about our youngest generation. You will find Vicki on most social media platforms (icons in the footer plus TikTok) but you'll find her most active on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Whether you need an hour to consult, a day to do a small project you've been putting off, a longer term project or a part-time marketing resource, I can help. Let's take the next step together. Click here to apply.

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