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6-Steps to Creating Content

for the Customer Journey

Image by Clemens van Lay

You're ONE step closer to the relevant content you need to connect, engage and turn ideal prospects into customers.

Do you want to know what type of content resonates with your customers along THEIR journey to your solution? 

This 6-step guide will help you navigate this process to the experience they want with your brand.

I walk you through the Know Like and Trust process, questions to ask along the way as you develop content and understanding how this process aligns with your business goals.

I expand the 'Know, Like and Trust' process to include Define at the beginning then Buy and Retention at the end, share a B2B example of the 6 steps in action PLUS provide you with workbook pages so you can start taking action immediately. 

To learn more on each of the steps, I created a video series further explaining each step here which includes a LIVE video series I did on my YouTube channel called The Marketing Stream

Here's a snapshot of pages and what you can expect to receive in this FREE guide:

A summary of the 6 steps:

1-DEFINE: Before your target audience can get to know, like and trust you, they need to be able to find you. So you need to be where they are and this step helps you identify that.

2-KNOW: Understanding the pain points and emotions your target is going through will help them find you so they can get to know you. 

3-LIKE: I review questions to ask yourself to help identify types of content your audience will resonate with to start liking you including content ideas. 

4-TRUST: You've done all the right things to get your ideal customers to this point. Now, it's time to deliver what they need so they follow through with the purchase. 

5-BUY: Even the actual transaction of purchasing from you needs to be frictionless. How do you know it's frictionless? Your drop-off, exit and cart abandonment rates will show it.

6-RETAIN : The customer journey doesn't stop when they buy from you - in fact, what happens AFTER the purchase will determine their LTV. Continuing to deliver a great experience is critical which is the last step I talk about in this series.

Other Customer Journey Resources to help with your Marketing:

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Complete the information below and get immediate access to the 6 Steps to Creating Content for the Customer Journey PLUS an extra page on how to calculate customer retention. 

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