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Episode 11: 

3 Marketing Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Sales Leads

From this episode:


According to the Small Business Association: 30.2 million businesses operating in 2018 representing 99% of ALL businesses. 



And 1 in 12 of those businesses will close their doors every year. Why? Low sales.

The #1 things all of these businesses rely on to keep their businesses operating? Marketing! But not just ANY marketing: relevant and strategic marketing.


Anyone can go out and find a way to do digital marketing - there are a plethora of sources to learn on your own! BUT the key is to focus on your business - not marketing. 


IF you have resources that are marketing your brand, there MUST be a strategy and scheduled time to implement that strategy.


Long gone are the days of 'willy nilly' marketing - if that's even a thing LOL 

Look at the following 3 things - do ANY of these resonate with you and/or your business? If so, I share with you ways to reverse each. Listen to the podcast to hear about all 3!

  1. Brand optimization

  2. Cold calling

  3. Sub par marketing

3 take aways from this episode:

  1. Brand optimization goes beyond website SEO​.

  2. Generating warm leads is more time and cost efficient than cold calling.

  3. Having access to SO many free digital marketing choices is good IF you strategize how and when to use the most appropriate platforms for your business. Planning ahead of time is key!

Final thoughts:

There are new businesses starting every day. Whether you're an entrepreneur or small business you have free options for marketing your brand. While using free resources is financially accepted by most if not all, there's a cost that goes along with it: how to stand out and the time associated with standing out.

Think about this for a minute: with effective social media marketing that’s based on a planned strategy, you’re minimizing your cold calling and therefore have a higher chance of generating sales from warm leads. In addition, with more brand optimization – meaning your brand is in more places online so when your brand, name or product is searched – you have more listings on page 1 of the SERP. With that you’re creating more awareness to increase your chances of generating sales from prospects who know you, i.e. warm leads. 

I'm issuing a CHALLENGE May 1, 2019 - May 7, 2019. It's a 5-workday challenge (7 day challenge if you count the weekend :)). This is an opportunity to identify 1 of these 3 strategies you KNOW is a problem area for you and you KNOW you need to reverse. I'm challenging you to do that now! Click the link below to find out more and to register!


And, as always, it's good practice to visit your marketing and sales strategy every month. In doing so, have your goals in hand and measure the results to determine if you're on track to achieve the goals you want. If you aren't on the right track, identify what's causing you to NOT move in the direction of achieving your goals and modify your plan so that you are. It's OK to bring in outside forces - a fresh perspective can't do harm but may uncover something so trivial that it may lead you to far exceeding your goals.    

If you have questions, send me a message or click the LIVE chat button and let's get you the answers you need.

As indicated, below are the links I mentioned I would provide in the Show Notes: 

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Show Notes:

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Small Business Association: 30.2 small businesses in the US in 2018 


Have a separate Marketing and Sales team and not sure where to begin? Take this Marketing and Sales assessment

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