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Marketing Mistake Challenge

the first step is taking action!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward achieving a new goal! You have everything you need already - sometimes you just need a little challenge to take it all the way. 


So, you're in the right place!

set a goal

There are 3 different Marketing Mistakes people make that might be killing your chances of generating more sales leads. If reversed, you can change the direction of your business. These mistakes are:

  1. Brand optimization

  2. Cold calling

  3. Sub par marketing

Which one resonates with you most?

Before you decide to go all in on this challenge I first want to let you know this is private. 


By saying you have a sub par marketing plan doesn't go beyond you and me.


If you are only cold calling because that's all you know, that's OK! We will work through the logistics and start implementing other strategies and tactics that will work for you.

I know it's challenging to ask for help - or find time to make a change. I've been there more than I'd like to admit! But we've all been there. And I still have a hard time asking for help. 

What this challenge ​is going to help you do is reverse your habit and/or start something new. 

How GREAT would it feel to get better brand recognition or get responses and engagement on your outreach programs or have a superior marketing plan?

It will feel GREAT!! We will review your current plan and come up with a revised plan. 

All you need to do is take that next step and register. I'll lead from there. 

"Vicki has excellent ideas and can think creatively to find solutions that are out-of-the-box." ~ Ryan Gourd

  1. Initial conversation to review your current situation

  2. Discuss your desired state, set a goal

  3. Come up with a plan

  4. A daily check-in over each of the 5 business days

    • This can be via text, Messenger, LinkedIn, email, call, etc. - whichever communication platform works best for you


here's what the challenge includes:

are you ready?

If you have questions, click the CHAT icon and I'll respond as soon as I see a message from you!

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