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Why We Don't Achieve Goals

We can miss achieving our goals for any number of reasons: obstacles, change in priorities, not specific, lack of importance, lack focus or lack inspiration.

The reason will vary by person and by situation. But one thing is for certain: we have ALL failed to achieve a goal at some point or another.

Can I get a YESSSSSSS on that one?!

What's most important, however, is that you focus your energy on keeping your goals even if you need to rearrange your schedule to accommodate the unexpected. 

Here are 5 of the most common reasons why we don't achieve our goals:

1) Loss of Focus - Whether you're extremely driven, hyper focused or tend to wander throughout the day, it's impossible for our minds to stay focused on any one thing for an extended amount of time. Distractions happen. The phone rings. Notifications go off. A customer has an urgent need. The kids school called and you need to pick up your sick child. Give yourself a break! Life happens. When you lose focus or that inner fire that was driving you before, find something that motivates you so you can refocus. 

2) Lack of Planning - If you don't have a plan, how do you know where you're going? Planning can seem daunting - especially if you're not a detail person. Use your strengths! Start with a high level plan of what you want to accomplish. Once you see it visually, it should motivate you to want to figure out how you can make sure you bring it to reality. Planning gives us peace, comfort and allows new thoughts and ideas to flow through our brain. 

3) Inability to Act - Some people are more prone to "analysis paralysis" or the inability to move on something - even if they are excited or have a strong desire to mark it as done. If you are someone who, in their DNA, is programmed to just get stuff done, that's great! There are some people with great intent, however, who struggle with taking action. Many reasons exist for this and varies by person. Good news is - that's what an accountability partner can help you overcome.

4) Bad Habits - We all have them. Whether it's biting your nails, eating fast food every day, not working out, posting too much on social media (we all know one of those people, too, right? lol) or tapping your pen on the table, we all have a habit that annoys other people - and possibly ourselves. But it's SO hard to stop! The good news is that bad habits can be replaced with good habits with the change in behavior. Identify what the behavior is, if there are any underlying issues and start replacing those things with good behaviors - one micro activity at a time. Don't try to start exercising by running 5 miles. Start by walking around the block. Or just putting on your shoes. Bad habits can be broken but it requires intent, consistency and most importantly an innate desire to make the change.

5) Desire to Continue - Have you ever had a really good idea, you write it down or even start planning it? Then you see a 'shiny object' or you get distracted/  pulled in a different direction that keeps you from focusing on. When you return to the project, you're kinda like "yeah, it's OK and maybe not really that good of an idea". You've lost your mojo, your desire to move forward. Maybe it wasn't that much of a priority to begin with or you just started it from a different direction that you need to. Re-evaluate why you had the idea, what got your heart racing about it and, if the desire returns, create a plan to make it happen. 

Keeping a daily, weekly, monthly calendar of goals, tasks, milestones, celebrations - and everything else you want to accomplish - is extremely helpful with staying on task. If you are trying to reverse any of the above 5 reasons, I find it's helpful to create time on your calendar/in your day for distractions. Literally. 

Pencil in an hour or two hours - or however much time on average each day you change direction. This creates time in your day for the unexpected or to rearrange your day because of unexpected distractions. 

"If you are not reaching your goal it might not be that the goal is too hard, it might be that you need to approach it in a new way."

What goal have you missed and why? Share in the comments below!


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